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6 Ways to Stick with Your Goals No Matter What


There are times when motivation seems to disappear. If you feel like you’ve run out of energy to pursue your goals, then there is a choice to make. Do you keep going? Or do you allow yourself to give up?

With these ideas, it will easier to keep going.

1) Be Accountable.
It is easier to stick to your goals when you are being held accountable to them. Have your family or a trusted friend check-in with you frequently to get updates about your progress. You can also use accountability apps that track your progress toward a goal with others who are doing the same thing.

2) Be Realistic.
When you are trying to accomplish multiple goals at once, it becomes more difficult to find success. Try to set 3 or fewer goals that you can achieve within a specific time period. Use the SMART method of goal planning to be more realistic about what you can do.

3) Be Practical.
When a goal seems to be impossible to reach, the natural reaction is to give up trying to grab that success. Instead of giving up, try to clarify your goals instead. Look for ways to redefine your goal, so that you can pursue practical steps toward success. Visualize how you can complete each step, then start to make things happen again.

4) Be Strategic.
Take some time to write out a clear outline about how you will accomplish each goal. Write down each step that you will need to take. Then outline each step to determine what resources you’ll require to be successful. Classify urgent items to do with each step, important items, then items that are not important or urgent for proper prioritization.

5) Be Forgiving.
There are times when you can do everything right, then still not achieve the exact results you want. Each failure is a step closer to your goal. Forgive yourself, then keep moving forward.

6) Be Rewarding.
Celebrate when you’ve done a great job. Reward yourself in a way that makes you feel good when you’ve accomplished one of the steps toward your goal. Go get a massage. Have dinner at a favorite restaurant. Go see that movie you’ve been wanting to see.

Some goals are difficult to reach. Some might even seem impossible. With these ideas, you can stick to your plans to keep reaching for that success you want.

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