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6 Ways to Improve Productivity


Why are some employees more productive than others? Why do certain hours in a day and certain days of the week witness more work being done than other times and days? Why do some departments appear to be more productive than others?

The simple reality is that no two employees can be exactly the same and thus their productivity would differ. But there is a broader aspect of science which comes into play that influences productivity. As a business owner or entrepreneur, manager or as a professional, if you wish to increase productivity at the workplace, then you have to adhere to what science says. Here are some important items to remember from this infographic.

1) The Human Body Doesn’t Enjoy A Steady Supply of Energy.
The human body can be energetic for only a certain period of time, after which the body needs to recuperate. Is it possible for a professional basketball match to be played all day? Can someone keep striking the baseball all day long? You may wonder that those jobs or tasks require physical effort and thus the energy requisite is different. Well, everything we do needs energy, from working on a spreadsheet to running a marathon. The human body can be energetic for 90 minutes cycles. After 90 minutes, the body and the mind need to be rested to rejuvenate. About ten to twenty minutes rest is all that is needed. Hence, to increase productivity, you should work at a stretch for an hour and a half followed by fifteen minutes break. The break could be a little shorter or longer.

2) Multitasking Must Be Avoided To Increase Productivity.
When the human brain is compelled to multitask, it tends to focus less and less on every task. While it may appear that a person is more efficient handling multiple tasks, the task being done is being completed with less diligence. The quality of the work will suffer when one multitasks.

3) Power Naps Work Wonders To Increase Productivity.
You cannot opt for power naps every now and then. The hour after lunch is the best time for such power naps. After lunch, dopamine and serotonin levels in the body drop dramatically. That is why most people feel sluggish after lunch. A short power nap of twenty minutes or a relatively longer one of ninety minutes works best.

4) Exercising Plays A Crucial Role In Increasing Productivity.
A healthier and fitter body is the secret to a better mind and a person who doesn’t fall sick very often, is agile and has more brain activity (a byproduct of exercising) will always be more productive at the workplace.

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