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6 Video Marketing Strategies that Rock


The internet is full of viral videos and viral content, places like YouTube and Break have their top videos featuring several of millions of reviews, and for companies and individuals, this means big bucks. Have you ever wondered what makes this videos viral, how these videos can be spread so quickly and without warning? Well, their are three main types that exist which can better your chances of promoting your online videos, effectively reigning in more subscribers and viewers. Here are some key takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) Tags, Title, Description
All three are very important when creating a video, as these will be commonly found when internet users use a search engine. Your tags should include generic, but also main and keyword topics that are included in the video. The title of your video should be appropriated to the title, whereas the description should be clear and concise so you do not confuse your viewers. Don’t clutter your description with unnecessary “flutter”, as this will draw your viewers away, essentially turning them away from the content. Instead make sure your description is short and sweet and to the point, so it is easier to reach your viewers.

2) Email Your Subscribers
If you have any subscribers or consistent viewers that frequent your videos, make sure you email them when you add any new videos. By combining this with “call to action” approaches like “comment or subscribe” or “like or tweet”, you are effectively drawing in your subscribers into the new content, effectively promoting the new video. If you do not have an active subscriber list, then you can always choose to advertise the video on your Facebook or Twitter page. By posting news of new videos, edited videos, or remade videos, you are effectively involving your viewers towards your videos.

3) Find A Tastemaker
This will be more a stroke of luck rather than something you can actively pursue, as most tastemakers are hard to find. A tastemaker is a famous figure or celebrity that effectively starts a trend, which is often tied to a video or web article. Tastemakers can do amazing things for videos, with many viral videos being viral because of tastemaker influence. While tastemakers are maybe a stretch for those just starting out in posting online videos, veterans that are looking to make their videos viral may find it easier to reach potential tastemakers than those new to postings.

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