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6 Musts to Include on Your Landing Pages


The landing page is defined by a number of specific elements. When you understand these elements, you’re going to have a map that will show you how to create a testable landing page.

This isn’t about content. That is still your responsibility. This is about the best way to bring that content to life, and the ways in which you can establish the best face possible for the content on a landing page.

Creativity remains your department.

How To Create A Testable Landing Page

While creativity is indeed still your department, there are things you still need to keep in mind, when it comes to the subject of the landing page:

The Headline:
Obviously, you’re going to want the kind of headline that reaches out to grab people right from the start. You want a headline that’s going to compel people to continue reading on.

The Hero Shot:
This is the main image of what the landing page is all about. Obviously, you want a picture that works in conjunction with the headline to captivate people.

Data Collection:
This is the point in your landing page in which you are going to want to offer something like an email signup, a survey, or a contact form.

The CTA:
This is the thing that you’re telling the reader to do. You want to create something that is going to emphasize the connection you want to make to them. You want to do something that’s going to make them feel as though they are truly involved. Some like to put their CTA in the form of a question.

The Benefits:
Your landing page certainly needs to make room for telling people how your product or service is going to change their life for the better.

The Second CTA:
Is a second call to action overkill? Some people might tell you it is, but a lot of people are going to tell you that it’s not. The second CTA can emphasize what you did with the first one. All you have to do is frame the second CTA in a way that’s slightly different from the first one.

Looking to create a landing page that’s going to keep people interested, and turn those potential visitors into honest-to-goodness conversions? The above are all the things you’re going to want to keep in mind. These are the items that define the best landing pages to be found anywhere on the internet. Avoid those items at your peril.

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