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6 ISFP Compatibility Findings for Relationships and Dating

ISFPs tend to be gentle and easy-going people that show signs of a creative, independent streak. ISFPs don’t enjoy drama, and their personalities can be rather sensitive at times. If you are currently dating an ISFP, it’s a good idea to be gentle when you speak to your partner and try to remain smooth and even with your behavior style. If you are an over-expressive person that uses a lot of assertive gestures, you will need to learn how to take things down a notch. By doing that, you can make your ISFP partner feel a lot more comfortable. Feeling comfortable with their partners is a significant way you can make that ISFP in your life happy.

ISFPs tend to enjoy activities that are pleasant and comfortable, and they’ll stay away from things that make them act competitive. They don’t enjoy competing against other people that they love. So, don’t’ take your ISFP out on a competitive mini-golfing date and try to win. A better date option would be a pottery-making activity that forces you to cooperate with your ISFP rather than compete with them.

ISFPs don’t enjoy large crowds of people and enjoy hanging out with their significant others on a one on one basis, where things can be more personal. ISFPs enjoy moonlit walks or sunny drives through beautiful scenery. ISFPs tend to gravitate towards quiet evenings that feature pleasant things. So, stay away from nightclubs since the music is loud, and think about a friendly jazz club where you can get a booth and some one-on-one personal time.

#1 ISFPs and Love Relationships
ISFPs tend to be charming when they are in love. Your ISFP may act somewhat reserved at times, but they still have a kind, friendly nature overall. An ISFP may take some time to get to know you, and there could be a long period of dating. However, once they approve of you, you’ll get plenty of love and attention from them.

ISFPs tend not to be as direct as some other personality types, but they are great at making small, romantic gestures. If you are currently dating an ISFP and you want to make your partner happy, make a big deal out of those romantic gestures. ISFPs love it when you notice things like this.

ISFPs love being appreciated by their significant others. So, find little ways to show how much you value your ISFP. On the other hand, ISFPs aren’t excellent at handling criticism, so be careful when it comes to that. You may want to sugar-coat your criticisms so that your ISFP won’t get offended or angry with you.

#2 ISFPs and Compatibility
ISFPs are most compatible with ESFPs, ISTPs, and ISFJs. They connect quickly with these three personality types because all of them share a sensing factor. That helps these personality types get along well with each other.

On the other hand, ISFPs can also be very attracted to INFPs, ESFJs, ESTPs, and ENFPs. ISFPs tend to have a lot of chemistry with these relationship types.
Relationships can work between ISFPs and INFJs, INTPs, ISTJs, and ENFJs. However, it may take some work.

ISFPs are opposites when it comes to dating INTJs, ESTJs, ENTPs, and ENTJs. While opposites do attract sometimes, the relationship will eventually fizzle out because of the enormous differences between the personality types.

#3 ISFPs Dating ISFPs
ISFPs are often attracted to other ISFPs because of their similarities. Those similarities will pull the two ISFPs together in the initial stages of the relationship. Two ISFPs will share a lot of creativity between them, a strong sense of aesthetics, and a lot of originality. These two will stay loyal and committed to each other, but they’ll still give each other the required amount of personal space necessary to be individualistic.

There is one problem that ISFPs dating other ISFPs may face. After the two ISFPs get together, they may both have issues sharing their emotions. Two ISFPs can get past this initial hiccup if they can understand each other’s body language. Once they get past this stage, if they can make the relationship work, both partners will be delighted that they hung in there.

Since there can be an overall lack of communication between two ISFPs, that will be a significant challenge. ISFPs don’t do well when conflicts arise, and they will do everything they can to escape confrontation. When issues like that occur, it can create unresolved problems for the relationship.

#4 ISFP Dating an ENFP
ISFPs and ENFPs get along well together. Since this relationship combines an introvert with an extrovert, the ENFP winds up with a partner that will enjoy listening to them. The ISFP, on the other hand, will be willing to open up and share with their fun, entertaining significant other. The ISFP will be the more introverted partner and will feel impressed by how well the extroverted ENFP talks to others easily. This concept is a skill that the ISFP lacks and craves the most. So, the ISFP may even learn how to open up and talk to others, learning by example.

While the extroverted and introverted combination can bring the ISFP and ENFP together, it can also fracture the relationship. The ENFP will want to attend more social events and activities than the ISFP. The ISFP will probably want to stay home more often than not. So, the two partners will need to learn how to compromise and balance things out so that both sides feel happy. For example, the ENFP can go hang out with his or her friends while the ISFP stays home and enjoys some alone time.

The combination of an ISFP with an ENFP is still a good match since the partners will balance themselves out as long as they learn how to understand each other. They both prefer feelings, share sensitivities, and care about other people. So, this makes both the ISFP and ENFP kind, thoughtful, caring people that do share similar things in common as well.

#5 ISFP Dating an INFP
INFPs are a great match with an ISFP. These two personality types get each other, meaning they’ll be a happy match. Since both personality types are introverted, they’ll get along well together. Both of these personality types prefer feeling and perceiving. They are sensitive and easy-going by nature, putting the needs of their partners ahead of themselves. Both personality types can be romantically spontaneous, so they’ll enjoy surprising each other with cute gifts.

There is one difference that the partners will need to address, and that’s with their sensing-intuition preferences. One of the partners will use senses to live in the moment, and the intuitive partner will have a unique perspective on handling situations. While this can add some spice to the relationship, it can also create arguments between the couple.

#6 ISFP Dating an INTJ
ISFPs and INTJs both share an introverted connection, which can help make their relationship blossom. However, beyond that, they don’t share many similarities. There could be significant issues because of the feeling and perceiving connection between the two. It may be difficult for an INTJ to understand how sensitive an ISFP can be. The INTJ may be prone to criticisms of the ISFP, which can create severe problems since ISFPs don’t deal with criticism well.

If they can get past their differences, then the couple will experience a strong attraction. However, at some point, the pair will notice that they are two very different people.


Dating an ISFP means you will be entering into a world of charm and laid back date nights with the one you love. They might require a more gentle nature than other personality types, but putting in the effort will be worth the love you receive back in the end.

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