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33 Get Well Messages for Coworkers

When a coworker gets sick or becomes ill, you may consider getting them a special get well card. Before picking a card, be sure to know a little bit about their illness or sickness so you do not write something that would be considered inappropriate. If the coworker is in need of help with their children or a nice home cooked meal, you may want to consider adding in an invitation in the card to assist them with tasks. A selection of get well message for coworkers are compiled below to help you choose the right words to share.

Boss please get well soon and return to work. We miss your presence since you motivates us with your guidance and instructions.

Boss, you have always been a true friend, mentor and a great leader. We miss your presence, please get well really soon.

Get better real soon. The entire apartment is missing you already.

Hoping for your restful and complete recovery, let’s catch up over coffee/lunch when you are back and feeling up to it.

Hope you make a speedy recovery because i need someone to do all my work around here! Seriously though, hope you’ll get better soon and know that my thoughts are with you.

I am aware you are in hospital. Hope they will release you after a short time as I need you much more than them.

I am sending this message to wish you quick recovery and good health as you get back very soon in the swing. We all miss you deeply.

I am very grateful that you are my boss. Best wishes for your healthy body and a better future ahead. I miss you and wish you quick recovery.

I am very sorry sir to hear that you are feeling unwell. Wish you a quick recovery good health as I pray for you very hard.

I hope you being well cared for and comfortable and hoping you feel 100% better soon!

I hope you will get better real soon. May be it helps a little if you know that all your colleagues are thinking about you.

I pray for you to get well soon as it is a great experience to work with you since you always try to get the best out of me. Get well soon my boss.

I think you are only pretending but all the others think I should say “get well soon.”

I will always and forever stand beside you. Wish I had magic to make you healthy my boss. Wish you a faster recovery and good health.

I wish to welcome you back at work with an intensive cheer since you are my inspiration source. Get well sir.

I wish you a quick and fully recovery. We are looking forward to seeing you real quick again.

I’m sending positive thoughts/vibes your way for a quick recovery.

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, you will be in my thoughts/prayers.

I’m wishing you the very best during your recovery and that this time helps you to recuperate and re-energize.

It feels great to have such a confident and a professional co worker like you. It feels sad to know that you are not well and hence I am sending by get well soon wish to you. Take care.

Life has much delight and fun experience to offer to you. Get well soon as you experience them my dear boss.

My boss, as you suffer I suffer too. We will fight the illness together. My dear get well soon.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out while you recover from your illness/surgery.

The entire firm is thinking about you and hopes you get well real soon. Who is supposed to do all the work here.

The office isn’t nearly as fun or productive without you, please feel better soon and come back to us.

The workplace is not the same without you around. So please get well soon really fast and come back.

This message is to let you know I miss your leadership and our friendship at work. Wish you quick recovery my dear mentor.

We were sad to hear about your illness Please get well soon! We are grateful that you are our boss and we are all missing you.

When you are not present the work seems to be dull. Get well soon and your presence will motive the work.

Wherever you are, just look at the shining sun as see it saying get well our boss.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing your smiling face back at work/in the office once you’ve recovered.

You are best leader and the greatest boss an employee can get. We need you to perform our very best. We will pray for your quicker recovery.

You are the best person have never known and you deserve even more than this. I will try to take good care of the work as you get well sir.

I wish you a quick recovery and remember to take good care of your health.

The below infographic provides a brief guide to choosing the right get well card for a coworker that is sick. Be sure when writing your message in the card that you maintain the personality of the sick person in mind. If the individual is religious, let your coworker know that you are keeping them in their prayers.

Get Well Soon for Coworker

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