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6 Greatest Serial Entrepreneurs


There are many serial entrepreneurs in the world. Like corporate raiders who keep on looking for companies ripe for a takeover, serial entrepreneurs keep working on new ideas and develop them till they are ripe for a harvest. There are dozens of famous serial entrepreneurs in the world and some have become billionaires in their quest for success.

People like Wayne Huizenga, Cher Wang, Mark Pincus, Max Levchin, Samwer Brothers and Ashish Thakkar have plenty of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Remember these key insights from the above infographic on how to become your own successful entrepreneur.

1) Believing In Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship cannot be a hobby. It cannot be just a passion. It cannot be an objective or an option. Entrepreneurship has to be a way of life. It is not similar to running any random business. It cannot be just a profession akin to a job. It is also not a career in the traditional sense. An entrepreneur is a person who lives entrepreneurship. He or she thinks like an entrepreneur all the time. There can be many aspects of his personality but the dominant trait is entrepreneurship. One also needs to believe in entrepreneurship to achieve something. It cannot be just another trial and error to achieve something worthwhile.

2) Minding The World Around You.
An entrepreneur can never be out of sync with the world around. One must know everything in the world of technology, science or the specific industry that one is in. Knowing what’s happening in one’s city is not enough. Having regional or nationwide knowledge is also not enough. Entrepreneurs need to know everything about the world around them. They have to be true global citizens looking at every facet of our existence.

3) Know Who You Are.
There are many types of entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs like to work on ideas, some like developing those ideas, some like to build companies and some prefer to work on ideas only to sell them once fully formed. Then there are serial entrepreneurs who never stop repeating the cycle all over again. It is necessary to know who you are. You may be an innovator, someone who would like to build the company or someone who may only want to facilitate entrepreneurship. You should know what you can do according to your capabilities and desires.

4) Take Risks But Don’t Be Proud Of Failing.
Finally, you have to take risks if you wish to be an entrepreneur but you cannot take pride in your failures. Failing is not okay. Don’t let the popular notion of failing is acceptable fool you.

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