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6 Great Customer Service Examples from a Company

6 Great Customer Service Examples from a Company

Exemplary Customer Services to Attract Customers

A great customer services is highly required especially when you have to retain customers. It also helps attract more customers from your rivals. Many companies have however realized that customer services is a crucial organ in any business, and have implemented it fully within their working programs. This is making the whole marketing avenue a bit harder, though some companies will stop at nothing to make sure clients are fully satisfied. This involves going the wall to give exclusive and additional services just to make sure the client or customer is satisfied. How exactly can you lead an exemplary customer care service to maintain a customer, or even given them full satisfaction?

1. Offering help for the elderly

Most shopping malls do not recognize the elderly or physically challenged, and let them do shopping on their own. If you are on the customer care desk and notice an elderly person struggling to push or reach products on the counter, you can help him or her by getting the goods he needs. It is by offering assistance to the aged person, providing support or even conversing with him as he shops around when you may capture his heart. Chatting with an elderly person while showing him around the mall can motivate more people want to shop within the mall.

2. Offer coupons to loyal customers

Coupons are a great way of appreciating customers, especially the loyal ones. This is however applicable where customers have a one on one experience with employees. Rewarding customers with small gifts when they make a purchase, or even surprising them when they least expect it is a great way to appreciate customers. It is the small things that we do that can create a loyalty in clients and customers.

3. Assist whenever possible

How many times have you been to a mall, and directed to a parking lot by the parking attendant. What would happen if the parking attendant decided to park the car himself and let you run errands comfortably? This also applies in airports and train stations, where you should look for a parking space, but since the parking attendants understand the place much better, they can also help you park the car. Offering some temporary shelter in rain by meeting a client at the drop off point with an umbrella is an exemplary customer care service that goes unnoticed.

4. Replacing damaged goods on transit

There are times when a customer’s goods are damaged while on transit, say eggs or other perishable goods. As a company, you should take on ways of compensating the customer by delivering fresh ones. If it is a bus, the company may offer to pay for the damaged goods or even provide another package to the customer. This helps build trust as well as loyalty within the customer and others, and this creates big a customer base. Coming to think of it, very few cases of damaged goods are reported, and comparing profits that these transport companies make, compensating a few should not be considered pain.

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