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6 Fantastic Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a good cause can be incredibly rewarding. Fundraising for smaller non-profits, groups and individuals can really help you make a difference in the local community. Here are some rewarding fundraising ideas to help you raise money for your cause.

Pet Fashion Show to Support a Local Animal Shelter

Pet fashion shows are a fun way to get the community together to help a great cause. Animal shelters are always in need of monetary donations as well as pet supplies. Reach out to the community to organize a pet fashion show and generate donations for a worthy shelter.

Charge a fee to have pets entered into the show and ask for donations during the event. Don’t forget to tell your audience why you are raising money. Pet owners will be far more likely to make a donation simply because they love animals and want to ensure that shelters have the supplies they need to help animals find forever homes.

Bake Sale to Support a Local Church

A bake sale is a great way to raise money for a local church. You can do this within the church community, or you can raise money outside of the community. Bake sales are easy to organize, but you will need quite a few volunteers to make this event a success.

To keep costs low, have your volunteers bake their own treats. Choose a theme for your bake sale. This can be a type of baked good or a holiday. For example, you can host an Easter treats bake sale or a brownie cake sale. Promoting the sale will be the biggest challenge you will face, but bake sales tend to generate quite a bit of money if properly advertised.

Concert to Support a Local Nursing Home

Local nursing homes are always in need of donations to help improve their facilities. Organizing a concert within in the nursing home or a nearby location can help raise funds that the nursing home needs. Hosting the concert inside of the nursing home can also help ease the isolation that many elderly patients experience in these homes.

A local school band or a professional orchestra may be willing to donate their time and talent for the event. To raise money, you can charge an admission fee and also ask for donations during the event. The holiday season is an excellent time to hold this type of event.

Yard Sale for Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and catastrophic. Several communities throughout the United States and all over the world are still recovering from major natural events, including hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis. Yard sales are a great way to raise money fast, and that money can be donated to communities that have been affected by a devastating natural disaster.

Ask the local community to donate any old or used items to sell at the yard sale. Advertise the sale in local newspapers, signs and by handing out flyers. The money that you raise from the sale can be donated to an organization that is helping with disaster relief efforts. Organizations such as the Red Cross help communities that have been affected by a natural disaster and are always in need of donations.

Benefit Concert for a Charity

Host a benefit concert for a charity. Reach out to the musicians in your community and ask them to donate their time and talent for your cause. Finding a venue for the concert may be the biggest challenge you face. Local venues may be willing to donate space. Restaurants are also another great option. Guests can not only enjoy the entertainment, but a meal as well.

This is another event that will require quite a bite of effort and planning to be successful. Gather a large group of volunteers to help with the planning and execution.

Raffles for Personal Causes

Charities and non-profit organizations are not the only ones in need of donations. Everyday people are often in need of donations to help them finish school, acquire costly surgeries for their pets or to fund costly medical procedures. Raising money for personal causes, be it yourself or someone in the community, is often more rewarding than raising money for large charities and non-profit organizations.

A raffle is a great way to raise money and is incredibly inexpensive. Local sporting events, fairs and other events are great places to host the raffle. Get in touch with local vendors to secure donations for raffle prizes. Charge a fee for each ticket you sell and ask for donations as well.

There are so many fun and creative ways to raise money for your cause. Find an idea that you are passionate about and would be willing to put your time and effort into. Most fundraising ideas take quite a bit of time and effort to plan and organize. Being passionate about your cause and having a dedicated team of volunteers will help you bring your fundraising ideas to life.

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