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10 Landing Pages that Convert for Content Marketing


Good content can spread quickly. Ideally, that content will generate qualified leads and sales for your company. It is because of this hope that content marketing is so very important.

Marketing Your Content With Landing Pages

There are several ways in which you can take advantage of content marketing and landing pages:

Blogs: With blogs, your first option is to go the upsell route. The overall object is to achieve lead-gen. The idea is to move the attention of the reader to something else, and you can achieve this by creating a distraction that’s very similar to what the person came to look at in the first place. Offering even further, equally relevant content through a subscription service is also a good idea.

White Papers: The concept of relevant content cross-sell will give your readers the opportunity to take advantage of additional interesting content. A good example of this approach involves adding an infographic supplement to a white paper. Deciding between gated or ungated white papers for the audience really comes down to experimentation. Lists are a good example of a white paper teaser.

Infographics: The beauty of inforgraphics is their ability to be seen and appreciated across a wide range of channels. Including a call to action with the infographic can generate even stronger levels of involvement from the reader. Social conversion is a great call to action concept that can be included with an infographic.

Webinars: A webinar is generally gated after it has been delivered live. The idea is that people register to attend. However, it doesn’t end there. You can (and should) create a highlights trailer that can be distributed across various channels (like social media). You can then include a CTA that will allow people to either watch or download the entire webinar. It’s important to test a lead-gen playback against one that can be distributed freely, in order to determine which approach will ultimately benefit your company the most. You can also take slides that were used in the webinar, separate them from that, and create intriguing pieces of content that can be distributed in a variety of places. You can even include gated playback with this.

Slide Decks: A slide deck can be a great way of getting creative with webinars, white papers, and inforgraphics. Putting a slide deck into focused landing pages can provide the deck with leverage attraction, while giving the white paper or webinar optimal lead-gen/upsell potential.

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