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6 Easy Ways to Search Google like a Pro


Anyone can surf the web, which means anybody can Google. But can you Google search the way a professional researcher would do it? It doesn’t take a great brain to be a Google search guru, but it does take knowledge of some special techniques. There’s a certain way to type a certain thing in order get through the gobbledygook that has nothing to do with what you’re looking for but which litters your first page of search hits. The pros at Search Sys show you how to hit your Google target quickly.

Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks in your search term and Google will search for exactly that word. Let’s say you type the phrase “I love you Mom” in quotation marks; Google will hit search targets that contain hat exact phrase just as you typed it. Now that will narrow down the time you spend clicking and cussing since you’ll find your target fast.


Use a hyphen to stop annoying word pairing. Let’s say you want to find something that is often confused with something similar due to word paring. Take for example, the word dolphins. If you are doing research about the marine mammal, you don’t want to waste time pulling up search hits for the famous football team in Miami where Dan Marino should have gotten a Super Bowl ring. Type the word dolphins and immediately follow it with a hyphen and then the word football and the Google will find dolphins without connection to football.


Want to find synonyms for search word, use that squiggly Spanish accent mark on the upper left-it’s called a tilde (pronounced “tilde”). Type it between two words, such as music~classes, that way Google will look for music lessons as well.


Some more helpful hints to Google just like a pro: o go to a specific site related to a term, type site: before what you are looking for. For example, if you want to find ndtv.com but don’t have the whole web address and don’t want gobbledygook, type site:ndtv.com to narrow your search. If you’re shopping, put vertical bars between items you are looking for and Google will seek sites that have those items, such as blouse|shirt|chemise.


Finally, if you want to search between a specific range of numbers, type the starting number, followed by two periods, and then the ending number, for example: movies 1950..1970 .

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