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55 Ways to Get Targeted Website Traffic


There are many ways to encourage more people to visit your website. Each of these 55 tricks will do more for your site than simply keeping up on updates and keeping things fresh. You will need to encourage people to check out your site as well as any other product or production that you have been working on. This process will take time, and while you may not want to do all of these at once, remember to mix it up a bit to encourage more people to visit your site and pay attention to your projects.

What to Take Away
You could always take away all of the information in this post, however not all of these tips are feasible for a single person to take on. It is best to pick and choose what you want to do to gain exposure and build from there. You may even find that some of these suggestions aren’t a route you feel comfortable doing, but stepping outside the box is the best way to gain more traffic and expand.

Social Media
Social media sites are really the most popular way of advertising a website, YouTube channel, and any other project you have going on. This means that creating a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social site accounts can actually bring you more traffic. You can choose to pay for ads on these social sites, or you can simply share and post your advertisements and attractions for your website so they can be passed around and shared to gain more exposure.

Audio and Visual
Today’s day and age is all audio and visual. You can create a YouTube channel for your site, or start a podcast, as well as guest appear on other people’s channels and podcasts to get more people interested in your site. This will also provide you with the ability to branch out and possibly find another form of creativity that you can enjoy. Even creating a mobile app for your site will give you better visual exposure.

Give away simple software, create interesting content, and even offering a free course to UDEMY will offer people another reason to visit your site. It is the attraction that will get them interested. Once you have them coming to your site, you can get them to stay longer through the content you wish them to view. They will also be more likely to show their friends when you offer something they can take away.

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