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100 Catchy Electrical Company Names

The electrical industry is broken down into many sectors. For mining approximately 2 million jobs are expected to generate more than $100 billion in a year. Arc flashes post the largest hazards to workers, resulting in more than 36,000 injuries in a year. The below collection of electric company names service both the industry and consumers.

24/7 Electrical Co.
A to Z ELectric Co.
A&A ELectric Co.
A-C Electrical Company
All Star Electrical Services
Altman Electric
Ample Power Co.
Archer Electric Services
Arise Electric
Aristo Co
AV Source
Baker Electric
Baker Electric Solar
Barn Light Electric Company
Bay City Metering
Bloom Energy
Bluco Energy
Boyer Electric Co.
Bright Electrical Supply Co.
Brothers Electric Co.
Butch & Butch Co
Ceco Inc.
City Light
City Wide Electric Co.
Commonwealth Edison
Con Edison
Constellation Energy Group Inc.
Cooper Electric Supply Co.
Crescent Electric Supply Company
Cypress Electric
Delta Electric
Edison International
Electric Eye Corp.
Electric Lighting Agency
Eletree Green Supply co
Emerald Electric
Energy Investment Systems Inc.
Exelon Corporation
Green Mountain Energy
Harmony Electric Co
Heber Light & Power Co.
Icon Electro
Ideal Electric
Imperial Electric
Influx Electric
Integrys Energy Group
Keys Energy Services
Lakeland Electric
Laz Electric LLC
Liberty Power Corporation
LightHouse Electricity
LS Power Development LLC
Meade Electric Co.
Mega Sphere Electric
Midwest Generation
Miller Electric Co.
Next Era Energy Resources
North Coast Electric Company
North House Power Corp
Ocala Electric Utility
Onyx Otto Electric
Owen Electric
Pacific Power
PicoVolt Co.
Power Moves
Power Plus
Power Progress
Preston Link Electric Inc.
Pro Masters Electric
Progress Energy
Radiant Energy
Rocky Mountain Power
Seminole Electric Co Op
Sempra Energy
Sithe Global Power LLC
Skyline Electric Company
Solar Mass
Standard Electric Co.
Stoneway Electric Supply
Stusser Electric Co.
SunPower Corporation
Sunrise Valley Electrical Corporation
TECO Energy
Terra Gen Power LLC
Terra Green
Tri City Electric
Unic Watt
Venus Electric
We Volte
White Bright Electric

The following infographics takes a look at the electric mining industry, its risks and trends. Future markets are expected to expand in countries such as Australia, Canada, Peru, and Argentina. Mining employment in Australia alone has seen a 75% increase in the past 5 years. The Canadian sectors are expected to grow another 6,000 positions.

Electrical Mining Safety

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