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51 Personal Protective Equipment Safety Slogans

Having the right tools and supplies will ensure you perform your work safely and effectively. These personal protective equipment safety slogans encourage you to be smart and aware of your work environment and limitations.

A Good Attitude Makes Safety Work for You.
A Harness is Better Than a Hearse.
Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t.
Always Think Safety No Matter What the Task.
At Work – At Home – Let Safety Be Known.
Be Aware Take Care.
Be Hand-in-Glove with Safety.
Before You Start – Be Safety Smart.
Better to Lock Out Than Luck Out.
Chance Takers Are Accident Makers.
Close Call – Don’t Ignore It – Report It.
Dare to Be Aware.
Dig in Your Heels Against Accidents.
Don’t be a Fool – Use the Proper Tool!
Don’t Be Safety Blinded – Be Safety Minded.
Don’t Learn Safety by Accident.
Every Accident – Every Time – If it’s Predictable – It’s Preventable.
Eyes Are Priceless – Eye Protection is Cheap.
Fail Safety and It Will Fail You.
Failing to Prepare = Prepare to Fail.
Follow Traffic Rules – Save Your Future.
Get the Safety Habit.
Health & Safety – Words to Live by.
Hear Today – Gone Tomorrow – Use Your Hearing Protection!
Hearing Protection is a Sound Investment.
If In Doubt Check it Out – Safety First.
If You Are Aware of It, Take Care of It.
If You Think Safety is Expensive – Try Ignorance.
Invest in Tomorrow Practice Safety Today.
Keep Safety in Mind – It Will Save Your Behind.
Keep Your Eyes on Safety.
Know Safety – No Injury – No Safety – Know Injury.
Leave Sooner – Drive Slower – Live Longer.
Look Sharp – Don’t get Cut.
Machine Guards Keep You on Your Side.
Make Safety a Priority.
Mowing and Drinking Doesn’t Cut it.
Night Doubles Traffic Troubles.
One Safe Act Can Lead to Another.
Personal Protective Equipment is Self Defense.
Play it Safe.
Quench the Thirst – Safety First.
Risk – Is It Worth It?
Safe Actions Bring Lasting Satisfaction.
Safety – Always in Season.
Safety is Our Life Line.
Step Up – Be Safe – Or Step Aside.
Stretch and Flex for Your Health and Safety.
Take the Extra Step for Safety.
Take Time Out for Safety.
Think Safety Before You Start.

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