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51 Most Catchy Granola Bar Slogans

Granola bars offer a quick way to grab some nutrition and energy in the morning. In such a competitive marketplace, having a great slogan that will share your products nutritional benefits is just one way to get attention. These granola bar slogans from other existing companies serve as the perfect source of inspiration.

A clever way to eat healthy.
A dollar a drink, what do you think?
A full measure of bars.
A lighter way to live.
Always non-processed to feed your brain process.
Be Smart Even When Taking a Study Break.
Because life’s too short.
Beyond granola.
Brain food for your stomach.
Come for the food. Stay for the fun.
Come hungry and leave full.
Eating smart next tasted so good.
Enjoy a taste of greatness.
Feed your IQ, Raise your HQ.
Finally, your brain and stomach can agree.
Food for thought.
Give your stomach what it wants.
Graduate to a healthy choice that tastes great.
Grains for brains.
Healthy is just a bite away for smart students.
Its a good day to spend a night behind the bars.
Jump start your smarts.
Just naturally smarter eating.
Make the grade.
More intelligent by nature.
Naturally brilliant snacking.
Our bars encourage thinking, not drinking.
Pack some nutrients in your noggin.
Power up your brain.
Put some thought into your next snack.
Raise the bar on your next snack.
Shaping your future for greatness.
Smart Choices Start Here.
Smart nutrition just a bite away.
Smarter by nature.
Smarter than the average bar.
So happy together.
The clever way to snack.
The taste you can see.
They’re magically delicious.
Think Smart. Eat Smarty.
Think, Eat, Live Healthy.
Training your brain to eat healthier.
We got you covered.
We’ve got what you like.
Welcome to blank bar where if you Got a buck, your luck.
Where food meets sports.
Where the food and service are top notch!
Whole brain goodness.
You can’t get filled with knowledge on an empty stomach.
Your stomach knows what it wants.

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