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51 Colon Cancer Awareness and Colonoscopy Slogans

The best way to prevent and cure cancer is to have early detection. These colon cancer awareness and colonoscopy slogans serve as the perfect encouragement to raise awareness and encourage regular testing to patients.

A cure for cancer is what we’re fighting for, together as one we can do so much more.
Awareness is the First Step.
Cancer chick.
Cancer Fears The Walker.
Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence.
Cancer Sucks.
Cancer, We’re Coming For You.
Cancer. It’ll Grow On You.
Chemo is my drug of choice.
Colon Cancer Awareness: Becuase it Matters.
Colon Cancer Bites.
Colon cancer blows.
Don’t Let Cancer Get Under Your Skin.
Early detection saves lives.
Fight Like There’s No Tomorrow.
Finish The Fight!
Get your rear in gear. (This is a registered trademark of the Colon Cancer Coalition)
Give cancer the Boot.
I wear blue for [name].
I’m having a no hair day.
It Came. We Fought. I Won.
Keep calm and get your colonoscopy.
Keep Calm and Keep Fighting.
Kick cancer in the butt.
Kiss Cancer Goodbye!
Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear.
Love your butt.
My oconologist does my hair.
No one fights alone.
One day there will be a cure.
One World. One Hope.
Please be nice to me, I have chemo thinky thing.
Raise awareness.
Real Men Wear Blue.
Research Kills Cancer.
Save the tushies.
Screw Cancer!
So future pain we can spare, lets put an end to the cancer scare.
Stomp on colon cancer.
Strike Out Cancer!
There is always a hope.
There’s no CAN’T in Cancer, it’s a can. You can fight it, you can find a way through!
To those who are fighting, those who have survived and those we have lost, may we find a cure.
Together lets fight this!
Together we can beat cancer!
Walking for a cure.
We can. I can.
What’s up your butt? Find out!
Whoever Said Winning Isn’t Everything, Wasn’t Fighting Cancer.
Wipe out colon cancer.
With awareness there is hope.

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