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51 Catchy Save the Whales Slogans

Protecting the whales and their natural habitat is an effort that will help to preserve several more hundreds types of life in the ocean. These catchy save the whale slogans are just some examples to the types of ways you can raise awareness and concern for the threat to whales.

Cause a splash to save whales.
Do right, save whales.
Give whales a chance.
Hear their cry, don’t let them die.
Help end whaling!
Help them, don’t eat them.
Help them, don’t let them die.
Help us stop whaling!
I’m against whale captivity.
Keep calm and save the whales.
Keep fighting & Save whales.
Kill an endangered whale and you’ll be going to jail.
Let’s do what’s right, for the whale we must fight!
Let’s put a plan in motion to show the whale our devotion.
Let’s save the whales, it’s a duty of me and you.
Lose your weight and save the whales.
Many other things to eat so why whale?
My only crime was being a whale.
No failing on stopping whaling!
No more whaling.
No one is more intelligent than whales.
Ocean is a mighty harmonist.
On this cause don’t bail, lets do more to save the whale.
Please don’t fail on saving the whale.
Protect the seas. Save the whales.
Save the whales! Trade them for valuable prizes.
Save the whales, not whaling.
Save the whales. Cats are much tastier.
Save the Whales. Whales will love you.
Save whales again!
Say no to whale meat.
Sea pandas don’t belong in tanks.
Ships are expendable, the whales are not.
Sorry, I don’t want to eat whales.
Stop the killing now before it gets too late.
Stop the whale massacre.
The loudest animal in the world needs your voice.
The whale so big and blue, needs some help from me and you.
The whales are blue and want help from me and you.
Their cries we won’t ignore, because the whale we adore.
This great creature of the sea is depending on help from you and me.
Watch them swimming in the sea, let them live happily.
We all can do more, so they don’t end up on shore.
We must fight for the whale’s rights.
Whale you help to keep the oceans clean?
Whale you help?
Whales are the beauty of sea.
Whales can use your help a ton.
Whales help to keep the oceans clean.
Whaling must come to an end.
Will & Free.

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