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51 Best Dog Rescue Business Names

Caring for animals is just one way to protect nature’s creatures that we have been entrusted with. These best dog rescue business names specialize in providing a safe home and care to dogs in need. These businesses serve as the perfect source of inspiration to one day start your own rescue business.

A All Animal Control
A Chance to Bloom
Abandoned Animal Rescue
Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue
Adopt a Dog
All Border Collie Rescue
All Breed Dog Rescue
Almost Home Pet Retreat
Broken Heart Animal Rescue
Can Rosso Rescue
Citizens for Animal Protection
Family Dog Rescue
Friends for Life!
Friends of the Animals Dog Adoption House
Golden Beginnings
Golden Paws
Green Dog Rescue Project
Greyhound Pets of America
Hungry Dog Rescue
K-9 Angels Rescue
Little Women Home for Animals
Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Natural Pawz
No Paws Left Behind
Pair a Dice Ranch
Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Pet Rescue Solutions
Pets Alive!
Poodle Rescue
Priceless Pet Rescue
Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary
Rainbow Bridge Dog Adoption
Rebel Rescue
Recycled Poms
Reggies Freinds
Rescue Bank
Rescued Pets Movement
Rocket Dog Rescue
S.A.V.E. Rescue Coalition
SAFE House Rescue and Adoption
Saving Our Companion Animals
Second Chance Dog Rescue
Special Pets
Tender Paws Animals
The Dog House Rescue
The Tattooed Dog Rescue
Tiny Paws Pets
Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue
Wings of Heavens
Wonder Dog Rescue

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