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51 Best Boba Tea Shop Names

Boba tea takes has been taking tea to the next level for the last three decades. Whether jelly, pudding, or other substances are added to your drink, these boba tea shop names are just some examples of businesses looking to expand and grow the industry demand for this exotic drink.

A Ching’s Taste
Art of Tea
Assam Secret
Bare Tea
Black Ossum Tea
Boba City
BoBa Island
Boba Shop
Brew Fest
Brew Splash
Capital Teas
Cozy tea
Cup O Tea
Eden Organic
Every Spice Tea
Fantastic Pho Royal Tea House
Floating Leaves
Fusion 36 Degree
Ginger Blend
Good Earth Tea
Happy Teahouse
Heaven Delight
Heaven Pulse
Heavenly Beverages
Hello Tea Cup
I Heart Boba
Ice Valley Cafe
Infuzion Bubble Tea Bar
Kung Fu Tea
Mighty Leaf Tea
Mystic Burst
Peace Tea
Pom Pom’s Tea House
Red Rose Tea
Serenity Garden Tea House
Simple Moment Tea
Stash Tea
Sweet Darziling
Take a Sip
Tea Turban
The Boba Spot
The Teahouse
Upton Tea
Whistle Sip
Wild Sippers
Yogi Tea
Zero Degrees

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