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50 Interesting Facts About Our Planet Earth


Since you currently reside on planet earth, you might feel that you know everything there is to know about this planet. However, this presumption would be horribly wrong. You might currently live on planet earth, but there are many facts about earth that you are likely unaware of.

Here are just a few of the most mind bending Earth facts you will be learning for the first time:

What About Space?

The international space station is the structure that has cost the most to build in the entire world. The complete cost of the international space station is around $150 billion. You also might not realize that the furthest image captured from earth was more than 3.7 billion miles and is called the “Pale Blue Dot.” Space might hold many unknowns, but it is a fact that humans can’t live longer than 2 minutes in space without protection. We are constantly looking to learn more about the earth and this is clearly indicated by the 38,000 man-made objects that have orbited the earth since 1957.

Water and the Earth We Live In

When it comes to water, you can see lakes and oceans almost everywhere that you turn. However, do you really know all there is to learn about the earth’s seas? All of the water on earth can be broken down into categories of salted and fresh. Salted water accounts for 97%. You might have not considered it before, but Antarctica holds as much ice as water that can be found within the Atlantic Ocean. Gold is in the water in miniscule form, because every liter of seawater holds 13 billionths of a gram in gold. Gold being found in seawater is pretty incredible when you stop and think about it. You might think that the earth is rather large, but 99% of the living space is water.

Not everything about the seas is pleasant. The pollution found I water is about 90% plastic and almost 12 people are killed by sharks each year. This means that enjoying a day in the ocean does turn deadly for some.

Below The Earth’s Surface

It is true that Earth is the only planet that has plate tectonics designed to keep the planet from overheating. Elements of the earth are not actually rare and Lithium is almost 200 times more common than gold.

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