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125 Best Sewing Company Names

The world’s first sewing machine was patented in 1790. Sewing has become a part of the United State’s history as Ronald Reagan referred to it as an integral part of the nation that demonstrated American’s self reliance, skill, and industriousness. The familiar term “whole nine yards” comes from the early 1700’s when nine yards was the approximate amount of fabric needed for a three piece suit. The following series of sewing company names are from existing businesses that focus on this creative industry and providing quality products from quality materials.

1 Stitch 2 Stitch
A to Z Sew Vac
Alex’s Reweaving
Alexandra’s Custom Draperies
American Industries Co.
Bits of Thread LLC
Blissbay Crafting
Cool Spool
Cosmos Alteration
Crazy Wheel
Custom Alterations
De Leon Express Tailoring
Deb Did it Sewing
Denim Doctors
Diana’s Sewing Boutique
Eastern Embroidery
Eastex Sewing Machine Co.
Elegant Mode Tailoring
Embro Crew
Encore Thread
Executive Image Cleaners
Feelmax Crafting
First Class Tailors
Fran’s Tailor Shop
G Street Fabrics
Gettin Stitch
Giggle Sewing
Gold Finger Tailor
Golden Rule Creations
Happy Fingers
Happy Zip
Hemstitched Crafts
High Society
Hillhurst Cleaners
Home Fashions U
Imagine Sewing
It’s a Stitch
Jenny’s Tailoring
Joss Stitching
Joystick Crafts
Lift All Company Inc.
Lion Brothers Co. Inc.
Magic Stych
Marvella Stitch
McGrew Studios
Me Grace Crafting
Me More Sewing
Mighty Pouch
Nate the Tailor
Next Thread
Ocean Fabric
Pam’s Sewing & Alterations
Patchwork Posse
Pepper Blossom Sewing Lessons
Pink Poodle
Positiva Stitch
Pretty Crafter
Pro Tailor
Qbik Crafting
Quilt N’ Sew
Red Spoon Creation
Red Swing
Sassy Sewer
Sew Can
Sew Classic
Sew Craze
Sew Design Studio
Sew Diva 1
Sew Fabulous
Sew Fashionable for Girls
Sew From the Heart
Sew It Seams
Sew It Yourself
Sew Motion
Sew Much
Sew Needo
Sew Pleasing
Sew Plenty
Sew Pro
Sew Sense
Sew Siesta
Sew Splash
Sew Track
Sew Vac Outlet
Sew Wave
Sew What Watch Me
Sewing & Vacuum Warehouse
Sewing Unlimited
Shiny Threads
Singer Sewing Co.
So Fine
Sophistic Crafts
Southwest Sewing Machines
Specialty Sewing Senter
Stitch Crew
Stitch Fabrics
Straight Thread
Super Sew Studio
Superior Threads
Teter’s Creations
The Craftific
The Second Space
The Sprint
The Stitchery
The Tripper
Thread Connect
Triple Alterations Cleaners
Twist Em Up
Up Stitches
Upbeat Creation
Urben Stitch Company
Visionary Stitchworks
Well Stitched Studio
Zip Up Sewing

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The oldest known sewing need was made from bone and located in Southwestern France over 25,000 years ago. Haute Coulture is a French term used to refer to high sewing or dressmaking for custom and elegat fashions or designs. The below infographic outlines interesting facts and history of sewing.

Sewing Month Facts

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