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50 Best People to Follow on Twitter

Best People to Follow on Twitter

The Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influences Of 2013

The Forbes top 50 social media power influences of 2013 is quite an astounding list. For the most part, these are the people who influence the biggest and best brands and top selling books the most. These are also the people who have been in business a long time.

It is important when assessing who is the best to analyze who really has a following. This means not just bots but real people that interact. Peek Analytics was used to measure influence.


First, let’s look at locations. Boston has 6 people in the top 50, more than anywhere else in the world. There are 2 in Asia, 2 in Australia, 3 in Canada, 2 in the UK and 41 in the US. There are 26 males and 24 females. Every Tweet sent out gains an average of 2 followers.

Top Influencers

The following is the list, measured by Peek Analytics’ Pull: Number 1 is Sean Gardner (USA) @2morrowknight with 81,055 Tweets and 446,542 followers. Number 2 is Ann Tran (USA) @anntran_ with 101,231 Tweets and 301,907 followers.

Number 3 is Jessica Northey (USA) @jessicanorthey with 132,892 Tweets and 561,402 followers. Number 4 is Mari Smith (USA) @marismith with 69,218 Tweets and 194,646 followers.

Number 5 is Aaron Lee (Asia) @askaaronlee with 72,401 Tweets and 406,404 followers. Number 6 is John Paul Aguiar (USA) @johnaguiar with 42,452 Tweets and 127,098 followers.

Number 7 is Liz Strauss (USA) @lizstrauss with 92,045 Tweets and 115,313 followers. Number 8 is Warren Whitlock (USA) @warrenwhitlock with 90,623 Tweets and 157,420 followers.

Number 9 is Ted Coine (USA) @tedcoine with 46,513 Tweets and 213,558 followers. Number 10 is Pam Moore (USA) @pammktgnut with 67,082 Tweets and 137,886 followers.

Number 11 is Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas with 132,245 Tweets and 146,690 followers. Number 12 is Reneae Blodgett @magicsaucemedia with 9,065 Tweets and 105,294 followers.

Number 13 is Ted Rubin @tedrubin with 137,557 Tweets and 130,405 followers. Number 14 is Eve Mayer @linkedinqueen with 24,536 Tweets and 85,159 followers.

Number 15 is Glen Gilmore @glengilmore with 34,065 Tweets and 134,604 followers. Number 16 is Paul Barron @paulbarron with 22,259 Tweets and 108,520 followers.

Number 17 is Dan Schawbel @danschawbel with 23,198 Tweets and 140,880 followers. Number 18 is Kim Garst @kimgarst with 134,931 Tweets and 141,491 followers.

Number 19 is Lori Ruff @loriruff with 19,088 Tweets and 96,531 followers. Number 20 is Ann Handley @marketingprofs with 37,003 Tweets and 161,317 followers.

Number 21 is Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan with 122,303 Tweets and 240,837 followers. Number 22 is Gary Vaynerchuck @garyve with 77,300 Tweets and 980,199 followers.

Number 23 is Chris Voss @chrisvoss with 488,388 Tweets and 77,626 followers. Number 24 is Pam Dyer @pamdyer with 4,744 Tweets and 60,150 followers. Number 25 is Laura Fitton @pistachio with 50,198 Tweets and 122,926 followers.

This has been Forbes top 50 social media power influences of 2013. Hopefully this list will inspire you to up your social media marketing campaign!

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