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50 Best Mobile Apps for Tracking Your Life


In this day and age, you can find apps to track nearly anything. Are you looking for an app to help you track fitness? How about savings? Or maybe just your pets. Here, we are going to tell you about just a few of our favorite apps that you can use to get to better know yourself. When you take the time to get to better know yourself, even if you are doing so through apps, you can take the information you have learned to help improve yourself.


Wanting to save money? Luckily, there are lots of free apps out there to help you save money or track your money. Apps like Mint and Goodbudget can help you to get your money in control. Use apps to track things like your work costs, investments, and even net worth. Check.me can help you to learn just how much you are spending on bills each month. Are you traveling soon? Then look into Travel Pocket to keep yourself under budget. Want something to help keep costs down? Then try savings apps that offer you various local deals, like vouchercloud.

Your Life

We all have lots of stuff that we are trying to keep track of. Apps can also help us with many of these things. From your pets, to your family, to your shopping, you can purchase or download free apps to do all these things for you. One of our favorites is the free Google Keep, which allows you to generate free to-do lists. Another is Snipp3t, to help you keep track of all the celebrities that you love. For those who are just a bit more adventurous than we are, you can even get apps to track your spouse and sex life!

How You’re Doing

Health is a huge part of being happy. So how can you be more healthy thanks to apps that know you? Easy. Apps can help you with your diet, track what you eat, when you sleep, how well you sleep, and even how often you have a bowel movement. If you are expecting, just let a handy app keep track of your progress. Or do the same for either your weight loss, or your running goals. Even heart rate can be monitored with apps like cardiograph. While you are out and about, let your phone even tell you when you need sunscreen reapplied.

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