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5 Workplace Interior Design Trends


Workplace designs have been changing rapidly over the last two decades. The traditional workplace which had very little variation about three to four decades back had been replaced with contemporary designs which had to make room for the gifts of technology. Over the last ten years, new concepts have emerged due to the changing preferences of professionals as well as business owners. Architects and interior designers have also become experimental in their endeavors.

Modern Day Workplace

The modern day workplace cannot have a dozen odd cabins, small cubicles and cluttered cabinets. A desirable workplace today has to be sleek, spacious and it must be welcoming. Spaciousness is easy to understand and thus convenient to achieve but sleekness and welcoming are adjectives that do not have any specific definition. There can be dozens of interior designs which would meet that description or exclamation, and that is why one needs to be aware of the attributes of the changing workplace. The Changing Workplace is an info-graphic that will introduce you to the interior design trends in 2014 in addition to what works, what doesn’t, what is expected and what is absolutely a wrong choice.

What works today is an open office. 21st century professionals do not like the old culture of the bosses being inaccessible or being treated like royalty. Cabins and secluded areas were reminiscent of the colonial era business culture when bosses were actually owners of the employees. Today, everyone is a part of the same team, the only difference is in the roles that everyone has. There should be a very well defined hierarchy and that has nothing to do with an open office culture. The walls need to come down. There is no need for privacy among members of the same team, barring board rooms and one or two designated places where sensitive operations or discussions of the business should be carried.

Popular Interior Design Trends

As is the case with open office, interior design trends also indicate a much more focused and intended effort to increase efficiency in a workplace. That can be easily attained with modular furniture, portable cabinets and a sleek setting where mobility is not a problem. If an employee needs to walk from one corner of the office to another to get something he or she needs, then there is something very wrong with the design or the layout of the workplace. Likewise, if employees cannot move around easily without bumping into cabinets or chairs, then too there is something seriously wrong. Efficiency is not confined to productivity or energy of the staff. There is much more to it and furniture, layout of a workplace and the design of the interiors also play a role.

An uncluttered office is what has to be achieved today. The indoors should be comfortable and might be blended with the outdoors. People don’t have traditional shifts any more. Stretching the working hours well beyond the evenings has become a norm.

From colors to the ambiance in the interiors, you would learn about every element of a great workplace as you explore the info-graphic.

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