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5 Ways to Give Your Business a Social Media Makeover


Social media has become one of the most dominant platforms for advertising, marketing, branding, promotions and public relations. While the platform is still in its nascent stage, businesses of all sizes and natures have started exploring the power that social media offers. However, not many companies are managing to succeed in their social media marketing and management strategies. There are many reasons why only a few companies have succeeded in capitalising on the social media phenomenon. Here are 5 social media makeover tips that can help you to perfect your strategy in 2014.

Brand and Avatar

The avatar on social media profiles is the first attention drawer. Choosing the right avatar is absolutely quintessential to building an impressive presence. Personal pictures or images of random settings which have absolutely no relevance to a brand or the company, products or its services are not something that avatars should be about. Avatars should bear corporate logos or photos of an individual that are professionally presentable. A business profile or a professional represents a brand and it is albeit necessary to represent an organization in the most formal manner as possible.

Choosing the Right Visual Medium

Many social media profiles do not have much decking up to offer. At the end of the day, it is a visual medium and there is a need to have background images and banners which can make way for a branding exercise.

A Winning Content Marketing Strategy

The content marketing strategy has to be well planned to succeed on social media. Creating unique contents, sharing the contents on multiple social networks and social media sites at the same time and following them up in an extensively thought out manner can make a huge impact on how the people or social media users perceive the brand. Sharing content, propagating ideas and making an impact with as much information as possible while keeping the fans or followers engaged is integral to a social media marketing strategy. Most companies do not have a holistic strategy that is well planned and unified in its multitude of approaches which is also why they struggle to achieve the preset objectives with their social media presence.

Get With the Trends

The fourth and fifth tips for social media makeover are to stay in sync with trends and to engage with others. Social media is based on the concept of staying contemporary, relevant and interconnected in real time. A company that cashes in on these facets of social media would certainly succeed.

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