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5 Ways Mobile Usage is Influencing Buying Behavior

Influencing Buying Behavior

How Consumers Are Using Mobile Technology In The Market Place

Mobile technology is being used by almost everyone now a days for many different reasons. Some use it for shopping, comparing prices, or finding what it is they are looking for. There are five ways mobile devices are being used in the market place today like researching before purchasing, making their purchase, comparing with multiple screens, discussing purchases, and going local with consumers.

How Consumers Seek Data

The researching of the person has been broken down in to stats of how exactly people are researching. Smartphones are being used by 45% to do some sort of research or browsing of purchases made in stores. In the last 2 years Google’s mobile search queries have increased by 5 times. Telecom searches on mobile devices have increased 20%. Restaurant searches have increased by 30%. Movie searches have also increased by 40% on mobile devices. Of the smartphone searches 39% used some sort of video. There are apps available like Amazon’s app where you can take a picture of bar code or scan barcodes and it will price match for you.

Increasing Purchasing on Mobile

Consumers have also been making purchases while using their mobile device. In the year 2011 19.3% of mobile device users made a purchase using a mobile device such as a smart phone. In the year 2012, people that use mobile devices, 33.9% of them made a purchase from their mobile device. Tablet owners also use them to purchase items. Actually 72% of them make a weekly purchase from their tablet. Mobile device purchases are huge especially for Black Friday. In 2012 88.3% tablet usage was dominated by the iPad. Ten percent of online purchases were made from an iPad. 8.7% of online purchases were from an iPhone. And Android phones were used for online purchase that day by 5.5%.

Traits in Making Purchasing Decisions

Some consumers will use multiple screens while researching or shopping online. Those that use a smartphone and a TVs together are at 81%, 66% of people use a smartphone and a laptop or a personal computer (PC) together, and 66% use a laptop or PC and a TV together. Out of all the purchases mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops or computers are used some hoe in some way. Forty six percent of customers used a mobile device for research then went into actual store to make purchase, 41% searched on smartphone then purchased from some sort of computer, 37% researched and purchase on smartphones, 19% researched on smartphone checked it out in store then purchased from a computer, 18% researched on smartphone checked it out in store then purchased from smartphone, and 8% checked it out at a store but then purchased it from a smartphone.

Consumers Market For You Inadvertently

A lot of people are talking about their purchases by using mobile devices on social media. That is great for marketing, free advertisement one would say. Out of all mobile device users, 60% have used social media to talk about their purchase and how they purchased it. Seventy percent of consumers learn about their experience, 65% learn more about product, 53% compliment certain brands, 50% hear about complaints or concerns of product or purchasing experiences, and 47% discuss ways to save money.

Mobile device searches are even going local by 24% of Google search queries. Ninety four percent have searched for local information on mobile devices, 70% made a call to a local business after their research, and 60% made an in person visit.

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