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5 Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

5 Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

How Businesses Video Market

As video viewership increases, B2B businesses are presented with an opportunity to integrate video marketing as a part of their overall strategy. This will increase customer engagement and present a 53x chance of appearing higher on search than text pages. B2B that have used video marketing saw up to a 36% increase with annual sales.

Video Marketing Statistics

• When evaluating a purchase, technology product buyers ranked number three on video influencing their decision.
• People are 5x more likely to click on a blog post if it contains a video.
• Businesses using video saw a 45% increase in web traffic and more time spent on site.

5 Ways to Video Market

1. Keep It Short
Viewership is seen to decrease as the video plays on. Keep your video compelling and to the point.

2. Use Meta Tags
Appropriately use tags and transcripts can increase your engagement anywhere from 40% to 300%.

3. Tell Everyone
Add videos to your email mailings. A 21% conversion rate occurs when video links are measured against static images. Put your video in your press release, providing a dramatic effect to your viewership rates.

4. Provide a Relevant Destination
While many viewers go to a brands website after watching a video, most of them go to Facebook. If you are counting on a video with a lot of traffic, consider adjusting your Facebook page to include graphics from the video. If this does not work for you, have your website reflect the video or the video reflect your home page. If your video is for a campaign, than your landing page should continue with your videos message, pulling the prospect closer to becoming a customer.

5. Tell a Story
Viewers love to hear stories because it does not sound like a sales pitch. A fun story about a person with a business or personal issues resonates with people who have the same issue. Including a form of entertainment can relay confidence and fun. These stories increase your ability to be shared with others, boosting your exposure.

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