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5 Unique Customer Acquisition Strategies


Customer acquisition may be the eventual objective of sales, advertising and marketing but it is at the very crux of the survival of a business. No company can grow or even survive if customer acquisition takes a hit. Even if it is an online store and doesn’t really need long term subscribers but recurring customers, it will still have to focus on acquiring new customers or getting more people to buy from the store. There is no guarantee that a customer who has bought once will buy again and thus new customers must be found.

Customer acquisition is a very hard task, especially at a time when there are dozens of websites at everyone’s disposal offering the same thing, almost always at similar prices. There has to be a multi-pronged approach to win new customers and that is exactly what the info-graphic, 5 Tips To Maximize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking, deals with.

The info-graphic is a guide that sheds light on five definitive aspects of customer acquisition. Today, a company has to fight to gain some traction online. Without traction, there is no way a company or its website can get noticed, unless it is a brand already. Thus, attention has to be fought for. It will not come easy. If attention is not secured, one will not get exposure which is the beginning of the expansive process of customer acquisition. If an audience is not aware of a brand, company and its products or services, then customer acquisition is a premature objective.

A product should be able to market itself to an extent. If there are no features or unique selling points which can push the product or the service and make it desirable in the eyes of the customer, then the product or service is not good enough and it is best to rework on that instead of thinking about customer acquisition.

Interacting with existing customers and prospective audience is another step towards customer acquisition. Without healthy interaction that is mutually beneficial, neither would the customer learn more about the company nor would the company know the customer well enough. To win more customers, companies need to look beyond content. No matter how much you invest in content, it alone cannot drive customer acquisition. The process needs to become self fueled, at one stage.

Explore the info-graphic to find out the nitty-gritty of all these facets of customer acquisition.

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