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20 Good Moving Announcement Wording Ideas

In recent years, many American families have found themselves relocating due to growing family sizes, a changing job market, or purchasing a new home. The shortest move in the United States can be found in Manhattan, New York on Lafayette street. The move distance is only 15 feet across the hall. The longest move is from Honolulu, Hawaii to Key West, Florida. To pass on your new address to your family and friends, the following moving announcement wording ideas serve as the best examples of the type of messages you can send.

A new house number, A new street name, Our neighbors will be different, But our friends remain the same. Please update our address to [address].

As of [date] we moved in our new home at: [address]. We can’t wait for you to visit.

Beep. Beep. We’re Moving. Our new address is [address].

Our flock has finally moved to our new nest. Here is where you can find us. The [last name] family. [address].

The [last name] family is now residing at [address].

The [last name] have moved, Here’s our new address [address]. The door’s always open, So please be our guest.

The welcome mat has moved, Outside a different door, But you are always welcome, Just like you were before. [address].

We finally moved, but we’ll still be around. We didn’t got far just across town. The boxes are gone we’ve cleaned up the mess.

We’d like to give you our new address. [address]. Please get your address book and pen. The [last name] family has moved again.

We have packed the house, and loaded the car. Here’s a little note, to let you know where we are [address].

We just finished moving, And we’re announcing the change, Though the address is different, The welcome’s the same. [address].

We may have moved to somewhere new, But we’d love to stay in touch with you, Send a note, drop a -line, Call or email, just stop by. We are now located at [address].

We moved and are now in our new home. [address].

We outgrew our house, there wasn’t enough space. We hope you’ll come to visit and see our new place.

We’ve finally moved, but its not far, Here’s our address, so you know where we are. [address].

We’ve moved. Please come to visit us in our new home. [address].

We’ve Moved. You can now find us in our new home at: [address]. We hope you’ll stop by soon.

We’ve moved again but we haven’t traveled far. We’re sending you a note so you’ll know where we are. [last name] is not residing at [address].

We’ve packed our things and moved to a new address, but all the friends we’ve left behind are what we’ll really miss. Our new address: [address]. Please keep in touch.

We’ve packed up boxes, lamps, and chairs. Our home is somewhere new. We couldn’t leave and settle in without telling you.

We’ve painted he last wall and driven the last nail. Here’s how you can reach us by phone or by mail. [address and telephone number].

An estimated 45 million Americans moved each year. Of these, an estimated 18% of individuals move across state lines. The fastest growing city in the United States is Houston, Texas. The most common state to state moves are from California to Texas and New York to Florida. The following infographic provides some interesting facts and statistics regarding Americans relocating in the United States.

United States Moving Statistics

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