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5 Tips for Great Customer Service


Are you tired of hearing complaints from customers? Many businesses think that less customer complaints is better for business, but this might not be accurate. If you actually take a close look at the real data, the most profitable businesses are the ones that receive the most customer complaints. Let’s see if we can debunk some customer service myths. Here are some of the biggest customer service myths from this infographic.

1) Customers Always Complain When They Have a Problem.
You might think that whenever there is a problem or issue with a product or service that customers will complain. However, this could not be further from the truth. The data specifically shows that less than 25% of customers actually issue a compliant when they have a problem. This means that between 70 and 90% of customers that have an issue never actually complain. The reality is that you need customer complaints to become more aware of the issue and make corrections. This means that customer complaints are actually helpful and can allow you to learn more about your business. Customers that don’t complain will on average tell 3 others about your business from a negative viewpoint. You would much rather have a formal complaint that you can address instead of bad word of mouth.

2) Spending Money is the Only Solution to Complaints.
Many businesses wrongly assume that the only way to solve complaints is to throw more money at these issues. The reality is that money is not the solution customers are looking for. Keeping your customers happy is relatively simple and most issues can be resolved in minutes without any additional cost. This is how more than 80% of customer service calls can be described. Instead of thinking that customer service calls will cost you, remember that most issues are no brainers. Most consumers are looking for a believable explanation and a real solution to their problem instead of a cash refund. Make sure that your customer service is designed to resolve issues and not just pay off customers.

3) Less Calls Means More Happy Customers.
Just because you aren’t hearing from unhappy customers does not mean that they don’t exist. Chances are that you might have many unhappy consumers that are simply remaining silent. You need to make interacting with your customers the priority to ensure that you are aware of all issues before you simply lose customers for good without warning.

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