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5 Tips for a Better IT Succession Management Plan


The Importance of Succession Management in IT

Do you have employees that have a high potential and incredible skills within the IT field? More than 90% of IT professionals agree that the future of business means having strong business and IT skills. Why develop those skills in an employee only to have them leave? In succession management, you’ll help an employee develop a career path that benefits them because they have goals of more management responsibilities and more salary that they’re working toward. Your organization benefits because you’re able to keep an influential employee that has a tremendous amount of value for your company.

What Is Your Approach To Succession Management?

Over half of all organizations today don’t even have a succession management approach. For those that do, almost a quarter of them include entry level or front line positions in their approach instead of focusing on advancement opportunities. Nearly 90% of IT professionals even report that the criteria for recognizing what a high value IT employee is for the company is inaccurate! If you need to develop a succession management approach, talk to your employees to see what they would like to have in this approach. If you do have one, don’t be afraid to let it evolve.

Make Sure Employees Are Aware of Your Program

In a recent survey, only 7% of IT professionals even knew that their organization at a succession management program that focused on their chosen field. In order for employees to be committed to the success of an organization, there has to be a level of buy-in and brand association as a means of motivation. In other words, an IT professional must believe that their personal success will increase as they help their employer’s success increase. If this is not effectively communicated, encouraged, and proven, then no one will want to help.

Are You Evaluating Employees and the Program?

Nearly 8 out of every 10 IT employees report that they aren’t regularly given feedback about their performance. Without an honest performance evaluation, any succession management program will be negatively impacted because there is no way to measure growth, success, or progress. Create specific definitions, target goals, and how to achieve those goals for each employee. Measure that growth so that there is a visual reminder of how far someone has come… and how far they may need to go. Without this level of evaluation, every single succession management program will fail.

Could Succession Management Help You?

Most IT employees aren’t invested in their organization that employs them beyond the salary they receive. That’s why there is such a high turnover within the field as a higher salary or better benefits can be an effective poaching mechanism. If you’ve got a high value employee, it is worthwhile to utilize a succession management program to help them invest their career into your organization. Create your own program today through the feedback you receive from your IT professionals so you can have the consistent results you need to succeed.

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