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5 Social Media Best Practices to Live By


Being on social media is a good first step. Your presence is not a guarantee that you’ll be effective with your marketing efforts. That’s why these best practices are so important to include with your work.

1. Define your personality.
Some brands use humor. Others focus on highlighting the technical aspects of their products. Sometimes social media is used for customer and technical support. To be effective on social media, your marketing efforts must define your personality. Pick a theme and then stick to it. If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up being forgettable.

2. Be consistent.
Social media is filled with “clickbait.” Two out of three internet users regularly report that they feel tricked into a click by a brand they follow or sponsored content on their feed. Keep your voice consistent throughout all aspects of your social media presence and your marketing outreach efforts will improve.

3. Write as you would speak.
Slang and jargon have no place in social media marketing. Up to 30% of people with a social media profile even say that using it makes a brand “unworthy” to follow. Be simple, straight-forward, and forth-right with what you need to say. You’ll avoid appearing insensitive and be clear about what you can do at the same time.

4. Know the competition.
The data being produced by your competitors can provide insights into how you can proceed. Take a look at who is talking about your competitors. See what news is being reported in your industry. Study the concepts that go viral. Then drive engagement to your platform by using this information to your advantage throughout your social media presence.

5. Be real.
Chatbots and automated responses might feel like an easy shortcut to keep people connected, but it’s a one-time benefit. Using automated messaging more than once dehumanizes your brand. People want to talk with other people, not bots. Be real. Send thought-out, comprehensive responses to interact with others. Try to inspire, but don’t forget to listen.

When you can provide an audience with insightful, resourceful information they can use, then your social media marketing efforts will bring you a better ROI. Incorporate these best practices today so you can begin collecting meaningful results by tomorrow.

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