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5 New Restaurant Trends for 2013 and 2014


Marketing Strategies for your Restaurant

For your restaurant to get many customers today, or even hit the required targets in a day, massive marketing of the same needs to be done. This is because many restaurants have cropped up and all these persons too have to hit their targets, thus creating rivalry and competition. The restaurant with the best marketing strategies to reach out to the customer gets to his the targets. This is where all these restaurants and similar businesses meet on the ground. Here are a few marketing strategies that your rivals may not know about.

1. Use your customers to advertise your services
The best person you can use to market your brand and services is the customer who shows up in your restaurant. This however means one thing, customer satisfaction should be guaranteed. This means you first have to satisfy this customer, and then trust that he or she will recommend the restaurant to friends and family. Although it may sound hard, it is the simplest way to lure locals into your restaurant for increased sales.

2. Use customer loyalty.
Although you may acquire a new customer from anywhere, retaining him or her to use your restaurant exclusively is a challenging task. The only way to gain a customer’s confidence and loyalty is by satisfying his or her needs. It is more painful for a business to lose one loyal customer, than gaining a new one. This is because you are uncertain whether the new customer is just passing by, or will like your services.

3. Create mobile visible web pages of your restaurants
Although some people may not have noticed, internet marketing is the largest productive form of marketing today. Many people today use their mobile phones to check out eating joints, and use applications to review these restaurants. This means you too need to digitalize your restaurant and create a website that is accessible via phone and computers too.

4. Use the social media to advertise services offered
Social media sites have the richest marketplace where you can find people of all runs, and even easier to reach onto them. Creating a page or profiles in any available social site to reach out to potential customers can bring in more customers than using a billboard. This is because many people today use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to communicate with their pals every day, thus making it a perfect joint to sell your service.

5. Promote the restaurants website for search engines
Internet marketing today is harder than in the recent past. For your restaurant’s website to show up I n the top pages of search engines, mass marketing needs to be done on the same. This is in the form of using rich informative content spread out in various directories and sites. Search engine optimization is thus required for more internet surfers to come across your link and eventually follow it to see what you have to offer. Obtaining links from social sites can also help market the website for faster results and more traffic.

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