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5 LexisNexis Competitors

If you’re a small business owner, then you know how invaluable having access to legal advice and public information can be. LexisNexis is able to do this for you and so much more because it is a powerhouse of public information. Over 37 billion records are contained in the database and it just continues to grow! You’ll also receive counsel benchmarking with certain memberships that will help you anticipate the cost of litigation and there are business and financial counselors that can help you make the right decision the first time around.

Are you looking for the best deal possible in this niche? Then here are some of the competitors in this field that might provide you with a better deal.

FactSet Research – https://www.factset.com/

Are your needs for research based more in the area of investments than in legal or public records? If you want even more specificity in your niche for your research and you have financial needs, then FactSet is a great service to consider. With mobile apps, desktop analytics, and data feeds that actually make sense, any job can get done better as a financial professional.

FactSet Research

Thomson Reuters – https://thomsonreuters.com/

Known more for their media and information abilities, a relationship with Thomson Reuters includes their experience in the healthcare, finance, and science sectors as well. You’ll receive relevant research that will help you fully understand whatever field it is that your business happens to be in and their multinational presence in over 100 different countries will help you break through your glass ceiling as you read their breaking news.

Thomson Reuters

Westlaw – https://web2.westlaw.com/

For online legal research and law related materials, then Westlaw has the mobile applications that will help you access the date you need almost anywhere you happen to be. Helping you to work smarter, you’ll be able to even scan through international legal materials and journals to make sure that you have the right data available. It’s primarily for lawyers and covers 40k databases, but anyone who needs legal advice or help can benefit from this system. KeyCite in particular helps to check citations so that cases or statutes can be quickly determined as good or bad law.


Loislaw – https://loislaw.com/

Covering the law libraries of all US state and federal jurisdictions, this legal database is obtainable either online or on CDs. It also offers a citation service that summarizes all sources in the database that cite documents and provides hyperlinks to those sources. With over 70 years of laws and how they’ve been covered at your fingertips, you’ll even be able to clip relevant articles, cases, or laws that are related to the specific subject you’re researching.


TheLaw.net – https://www.thelaw.net/

If you’re looking for deep links into the materials you need, then this 50k resource database could be the answer you need. With links to topical and local legal news, a software facilitator acting as a reference desk, and links to web-based documents that can support any case, your subscription to this service includes unlimited reference attorney support. It’s also a very affordable system compared to the others, as five users can use this system for just $3 per day.


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