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17 Best Mary Kay Marketing Ideas

Although multilevel marketing isn’t always the easiest way to make money, it is one of the easiest ways to start a home business and start working toward success. Mary Kay is one of the most established names in the MLM industry and if you have a passion for helping people look good and feel good, then you’ve already cleared your first hurdles for success. If you don’t have a passion for the product, you won’t sell it effectively.

A great place to begin selling Mary Kay is to host parties at your home that will help you interact with your friends and neighbors. Give out free samples, reward people for bringing new people to the parties, and be creative to help people have a good time.

Effective Mary Kay Marketing Ideas

1. You need to create your own brand identity that works in conjunction with the Mary Kay brand. You need to become the salesperson of choice for people and that comes from fast, friendly, and affordable services being provided.

2. Don’t be afraid to invest into your future now by putting your sales efforts into the public at special events. Any time there is a place to purchase a table, then you’ve got a chance to get exposure as a representative of Mary Kay. Farmer’s markets are a classic venue, as are county fairs and even special events at the local shopping mall.

3. Train yourself in the art of makeup of beauty so that you can show people first-hand just how beautiful they’ll look when using Mary Kay. Visual stimuli is much more effective than a verbal sales pitch, so the more work you can put in using samples, then the more likely you’ll get a sale of the full product.

4. Offer free makeovers for people so they can see what their preferred products could help them look like every day.

5. Consider offering seminars where you offer beauty tips and can show step-by-step how those tips can be achieved. This is a great way to get your product in the hands of your targeted audience and when that happens, sales are much more likely to happen.

6. Invest in a QR code for your business so that people can quickly get all of your details with one quick scan. Phone numbers are difficult to remember, especially if you’re driving by quickly. A QR code, however, can help someone scan your information on their phone and you can give them a custom experience once that happens, including discounts for using the code.

7. Make sure that your honest ethics are the first impression people get because the world of MLM is filled with people who are out to make a quick buck. Mary Kay is an established name and millions love the product, but just because you sell Mary Kay doesn’t mean that people will automatically trust you.

8. Make efforts to sell your products every day because sweat equity is the primary key to success. You can door-to-door, make phone calls to your established customers, or even start a social media account that will help you engage with people in a more direct way.

9. Consider starting an email marketing campaign outside of Mary Kay where you can provide people with direct value. Think about sharing beauty tips, information about the ingredients in Mary Kay makeup, and other items that your core consumers may find to be valuable. You can encourage a fast build-up of your list by offering discounts or samples.

10. Leave your friends and family out of the equation because this will force you into a place where you need to market to others. It’s easy to market to people with whom we’re comfortable, but eventually that market will get tapped out and you won’t have any business coming in after some time.

11. Practice your active listening skills by making sure you’re really hearing what your customers are telling you. Don’t get excited and interrupt them or their thought. Just work to hear what they’re telling you, repeat it back to them so you’re on the same page, and then you can use your Mary Kay products to meet those needs.

12. Don’t be afraid to pound the pavement and use traditional door-to-door methods. Leave brochures about specials that you might be running for new customers. Knock on doors and engage people in a friendly, non-threatening way. Consider sending out post cards to targeted zip codes that will put your brand and image of Mary Kay in people’s hands, even if only for a second or two.

13. Always follow-up every encounter you have with a customer in some way to make sure they are fully satisfied. If someone purchased something from you, it could be a simple email that says “thank you.” Cards are always a good way to follow-up and if you have someone who doesn’t buy from you, following up with them can give you critical feedback that can help you solve problems before they really affect your business.

14. Have a plan for rejection because that’s ultimately what sales is about. 99 out of 100 people might tell you to go away, but you’ve got to treat all 100 people like they’re about to become the best customer in the world. Focus on building relationships with everyone and you’ll slowly increase your conversion rates.

15. If you’re creating a downstream of reps through recruiting, then put in time to train them. You’re ultimately helping yourself by doing so and you’ll help them by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

16. Always stay organized so that you can quickly respond to someone’s needs when they approach you. The faster the response, the better the conversions are going to be and the higher your returns will be on your investment.

17. Work to add an element of fun in everything that you do because that’s what feeling beautiful happens to be – fun! If you can provide fun, then you’ll provide confidence and that will spur sales like nothing else.

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