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5 Keys to Networking for Business Leads


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Networking is quintessential for any type of business. Regardless of the type of products or services you offer, you would have to invest in networking. From getting introduced to potential investors to possibly meeting a partner for a territory you have not yet explored, there are numerous perks of networking and it can often change the fortunes of an organization.

Networking to get new business takes some practice and any business owner, entrepreneur or networker would have to learn the tricks of the trade. Here are some simple realities that you must be accustomed with.

1) Meet New People, More People.
Meeting new people is at the crux of networking. Many people commit the mistake of staying in touch with their connections and considering it to be a great networking strategy. While one should stay in touch with existing connections and be active in present networks, there is a need to meet more people so new networks can be developed. At parties, events or seminars, people often spend the whole time with those they already know. It is necessary to meet people whom you don’t know. You shouldn’t just meet new people and develop connections but you must also meet more people. Not everyone you would meet would be willing to partake in your network. That is why you must meet as many people as you can. Networking is like sales. If one stops selling then the business goes kaput. If one stops developing new networks, then networking goes kaput.

2) Extend Help To Be Helped.
Everyone knows that the purpose of networking is eventually self serving. One intends to get benefited in some way or the other, regardless of what benefits the other party or parties stand to gain. Usually, networking does lead to more than one party being benefited in some way. However, there is a need to be of help to parties you wish to develop a connection with before you can actually build a network. Be resourceful. Be of help to others. Offer references, share some fact checks or simply give away something which is worth remembering. In the world of networking, extend help to be helped in return.

3) Show Up, Talk & Follow Up.
Finally, you should master the art of showing up, talking and following up. You need to be visible, more and more. You need to talk, more sensibly and with more people. And, you need to follow up.

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