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5 Important Facts About Customer Service


Top 5 Most Common Customer Service Myths

Now most businesses and companies think that no customers complaining is a good thing. But it can actually be a bad thing. It can just leave them operating their business in the dark and feeling around blindly. This article addresses some of the most common myths associated with customer service.

#1 Myth

The number one most common customer service myth is that most customers will complain to the company when they encounter a problem. This just simply isn’t true. A good majority of customers simply just don’t complain for whatever reason. Less than 25% actually complain and out of that small number only about 1-4% actually makes it to the managers. Usually rather than complain to the company most people will complain to their friends or family.

#2 Myth

Second most common myth is that the more complaints you get, the more money you have to spend to keep customers happy. You would be pleasantly surprised to find that most customer complaints that do come in can be quickly solved in minutes. Usually people just want a clear explanation as to their problem or complaint rather than a refund. In the long run a loyal customer is always worth keeping happy. It’s better to take the time to keep them happy than lose their business forever.

#3 Myth

Another myth is that fewer calls means that you have happy customers. This kind of goes back to the first myth. Fewer calls can lead to lower profits because of unhappy customers who simply aren’t calling in. If no one calls and tells you what is wrong with your product or service then you aren’t able to improve it and help keep your customers loyal and attract new customers.

#4 Myth

The fourth most common myth is that more calls mean less profits. This again isn’t true. If you are getting more calls and you are listening to your customers then in turn this should actually give you a 50% average chance to retain their loyalty. While if your unsatisfied customers are not calling there is a 75% chance that you will lose their business for ever. Bottom line is the more customers you keep happy the more you will retain which will lead to your profits increasing.

#5 Myth

And last but not least the fifth most common customer service myth is that it’s better to invest in advertising rather than customer service. This just doesn’t make sense to do! If you have no customer base there is no point in advertising! Besides it costs about 5 times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep a loyal one happy.

There are many other myths out there but these are the top 5 ones related to customer service that can help you make your business a better one. These will help you learn the ropes and try to avoid these same pitfalls in your business.

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