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5 Hot SEO Trends that are Influencing SERPs


Search engine optimization is still in an evolutionary phase. As internet undergoes substantial transformations and new paradigms are created, search engine optimization would be subjected to considerable changes itself. The last two years have witnessed several changes in how search engines rank sites. Google, for one, has released as many as three major updates which have dynamically changed the very basic premise of internet marketing. For any internet marketing campaign to succeed, the latest search engine optimization trends must be adhered to.

Factors of SEO That Matter

Algorithms, also known as protocols, determine the quality of contents and based on that quality in accordance with the predefined parameters, the search engine rank websites pertaining to specific keywords. The approach that search engines take to assess the quality has changed over the last two years and the changes have to be taken note of by anyone working on internet marketing.

5 Hottest Search Engine Optimization Trends To Watch Out For This 2014 is a guide to the most important practices that would determine if a website is accorded high quality and ranked accordingly or is regarded as poor quality and thus not put in contention for the first few search engine result pages.

No enterprise can afford to avoid search engine optimization, either of the website or of the entire online presence across all spectrums. At the same time, a company cannot go wrong with its search engine optimization strategies because it remains to be the most potent and most economic way to get noticed, to get traction online and to create a following that can grow into a target audience. All these factors make search engine optimization trends to watch out for this year a very important list that you must take note of.

What worked till 2013 will not work anymore because of very fine changes that have come into place. Websites cannot be optionally available on mobile devices, they must be. Content cannot be created by just about anyone. It must be developed by someone who has authority over the subject. Relevant details such as location, type of business and target market are more important than ever before as search engines start to categorize contents and companies according to these factors.

Explore the info-graphic, be aware of the transforming paradigm and initiate appropriate measures so your company heads in the right direction.

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