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5 Great Fundraiser Ideas for Sports Teams

Sports teams will need to raise money throughout the year for all of their activities. From renting out a baseball field to being able to cover the costs of traveling, teams will need to raise money to be able to stay operational and allow for the best overall experience for players.

Every team has had to throw a fundraiser before, but many teams are at a loss when it comes to innovative ways to actually raise money.

The following fundraiser ideas for sports teams will ensure that every year a team plays they will be able to raise money with ease.

Regional Tournament

Tournaments will take place often, but a regional tournament is a huge money-maker. These tournaments can be arranged with teams from all across the state to find out which team is the ultimate champion.

The goal is for every team to be able to split the funds raised and work together to promote their sport. By pitting towns or counties against each other, the turnout will be huge and there will be thousands of people donating to the teams.

A tournament that is recurring will be the best choice and will be one that can be done every year to bring in revenue.

The goal is to have elimination rounds and a one game lineup wherein once a team loses, they are out.

During the event, it is possible to:
• Sell goods from a concession stand.
• Sell tickets to the event.
• Ask for donations during a break.
• Ask for donations upon exiting and entering.
• Sell merchandise to attendees.
• Run a 50/50 raffle.

The best part about a tournament is that it will bring in a lot of people. This makes it much easier to solicit for donations and will ultimately raise the revenue of the fundraiser.

Training Sessions

The local community will always have members that want to learn a sport or refine their skills. Training sessions are a great way in which a team will be able to sell their talents in lieu of a donation. The best part is that these training sessions practically sell themselves and they can be setup in a variety of ways.

1-on-1: The basic 1-on-1 training should be priced higher than group training and is the best choice for popular sports. This allows team members to focus on the donators weaknesses and help them truly improve their skillset.

Group: The idea behind group training is that the basics are taught and a lot of attendees can take place in a session at one time. The power of group training is in the fact that you can have groups of 2 or 3 team members to 30 people groups. This allows for more donations to be brought in at a time.

Training can be done weekly, monthly or every season. This is not just a great way to help the local community, but it is also a great way to encourage future players to enter into a sport.

Neighborhood Chores

Neighborhood chores are a great way to entice donations and players will be responsible for a slew of activities. These chores are done in a manner that is rather easy to setup. This will include:

1. Auctioning off players in a raffle wherein the winner will have the player for a few hours to help with their respective chores. This may be a person asking the player to teach their child or it can be a player that must go to the grocery store or rake leaves.

2. As a team, players can go to neighbors and ask them if they need any chores done. Shoveling snow, raking leaves or mowing lawns is something that people will pay for all year long. Simply ask the right people and offer the price as a donation option. This way the team may be given more for their services since it is for a cause.

Teams that include younger members should obviously have some supervision when it comes to chores. This will be done to ensure that not only are the chores carried out accordingly, but it is also done to ensure that the player is never at risk.

Teams will have a lot of opportunities wherein they will be able to run a fundraiser for their next big event. When it comes to teams, it is essential that every member does their part in the fundraiser. When a whole hockey or baseball team gets together, they will be able to raise money much faster than if they were alone.

Fundraising ideas for sports teams can be virtually anything. The goal is for teams to work together so that they can help raise money as a team. The bigger the fundraiser and the more people that attend, the easier it will be to add in a few extras such as concession stands, tournaments or selling merchandise.

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