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5 Great Fashion Marketing Campaign Tips

In the world of fashion, the relationship formed between the designer or brand and the individual takes precedence over everything else. People shop with their eyes, but they also shop with their hearts. An established relationship with fashions that are new and exciting will make a purchase a top priority for the individual that is involved. To start building that relationship, marketing the brand and what it represents is necessary.

Are you ready to begin? These fashion marketing campaign tips will help to create that necessary foundation that people require to form relationships with specific brands.

1. It’s Not Just About the Features.

One of the classic mistakes that can be found in just about every fashion marketing campaign is that there is a 100% focus on the features of a product. “This sweater was made with 100% cotton, is in pink and white, and won’t shrink when it is placed in the washing machine.”

Ok. Great. Take this a step further and focus on what the benefits of owning that sweater happen to be. “When it’s cold outside, not only will this new sweater keep you warm, but you’ll look awesome while enjoying the great outdoors.” People need more than just facts. They need to be inspired to use their imaginations to picture themselves in the product itself.

2. You’ve Got to Make it Real.

Fashion marketing struggles at times because the materials that are used are a direct reflection of the quality of the fashions being sold. You might be able to save some cash by designing and printing your own items, but what happens when those materials are perceived as being dull and lifeless?

Your brand will be considered dull and lifeless. Your fashions will be set aside for those brands that can communicate vibrancy and life.

It’s worth the investment into a professional graphic designer and printer when you need to create offline materials. Having a web designer to create a consistent user experience online is also beneficial. You might save money by avoiding this now, but it will undoubtedly cost you in the end.

3. Take Fashion to the People.

Many will shop for fashions at their favorite stores, whether in person or online, but this is because they get real-life experiences by doing so. If you’re trying to market something new, then take it to the people so they can see what it looks like in real life. Host an event either at your store or in a public location and put those fashions on display. Let people see how they move when worn not on a catwalk, but in real situations like getting punch to drink or having an animated conversation.

This is the perfect time to create a co-marketing campaign with a local business. Hotels, saps, or anyone not in the fashion industry can help to create an event that will benefit everyone involved. You could even turn it into a weekend retreat where people can relax and have some fun.

4. Keep it Up.

Many fashion marketing campaigns give up way too soon. It can sometimes take 6 months or more to make a lasting impression on a targeted demographic. The right message has to coordinate with the right time in order to inspire a sale. A single blog post, a few emails to a marketing list, or a couple tries at a postcard campaign won’t bring in many results. They might not bring in any.

By giving up and throwing in the towel, the ability to provide a consistent marketing message disappears. You appear desperate because you keep pinging around through all the different options that are available to you. Choose one or two options, have them run their course, but don’t be afraid to tweak the message to maximize the response.

5. There’s One Basic Rule: It’s the Image That Sells.

Your offer is important and so is the quality of your marketing lists, but when it comes to fashion marketing, image is royalty. Without an attractive image, nothing else is going to matter. People must be attracted to the fashions in order for any of the other marketing techniques to work. Fashion is emphasized because people want to look their very best. That must never be forgotten.

A fashion marketing campaign can be extremely difficult to run. It’s a competitive industry, but these tips can help you stand out from the competition. Create stunning styles, promote them to your targeted demographics, and be consistent with your message. If you can do that, then you can find success.

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