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5 Big Marketing Trends Taking Over 2016


Here are some of the key takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) Mobile Websites Matter.
Studies have shown that searches on mobile devices beat out the number of searches performed on desktop computers for the first time in history. According to recent studies:

  • 79% of mobile phone owners use their handhelds to search nearby establishments.
  • 72% of users said that the compatibility of websites with their mobile phones matters.
  • 74% are most likely to return to a website if it’s optimized for mobile.

Make sure you have a stable, reliable, and efficient mobile version of your website to satisfy guests – no matter where they might find you.

2) You NEED to Optimize Your Site.
Today, Google search results only show 3 local searches instead of the previous 7. With less spots to fill, you should exercise every opportunity to rank higher than the rest. What can you do to get better ratings? Claim and optimize your Google My Business page to get better results. Update information regularly and encourage customers and clients to share their experience with your business wherever on the internet.

3) Let’s Get Quizzical.
Did you know that the most shared content on Facebook in the past year were mostly quizzes? According to recent studies, quizzes and polls have gained significant popularity in the past year and have increased user participation more than any other method. 96% of people who take a Buzzfeed quiz will complete it. Spend some time crafting creative quizzes to engage your prospects and consumers for a richer online experience and interaction.

4) Bank on Buy Buttons.
Internet users admit that they appreciate the presence of buy buttons because these allow for an easier and more convenient internet browsing experience. Pinterest has close to 60 million buy buttons across the website. Twitter has integrated a buy option into tweets. Facebook has begun developing buy options that will allow users to buy from their feed. Google ad extensions has built in buy buttons to make it easier to purchase products straight from a search.

This year, make sure you bank on buy buttons to make the most of your online venture. Remain a presence on websites that allow buy options. Regularly update your product list and line up to make it easier for customers to purchase from your business. Integrate easy payment options like Paypal and credit or debit cards to make it simpler for buyers.

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