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5 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients will have their lives turned upside down. The diagnosis of having cancer is the beginning of a lot of family issues that seemingly keep piling themselves on. One of the biggest concerns will be medical costs and how families will be able to pay for expensive treatments. This is a sad reality that many families have to face every day of the year.

There are a slew of fundraising ideas for cancer patients that will help with this immense financial burden and alleviate some of the stress while they try to recover.


A sponsored marathon is the go-to choice for cancer fundraisers and they will bring in a lot of donation money. These marathons will require a lot of local coordination to run, but this is something that communities will pull together and help with.

These marathons make money by sponsorships and publicity. The more news channels and newspapers that are willing to cover the event simply equates to more money being made. The goal is to sell spots to businesses that will be sponsoring the marathon itself. The more sponsors, the more overall donations will be made.

There are other ways to make money through these marathons including:
1. Support Merchandise: From pins to t-shirts, support merchandise will help raise extra money during the event.

2. Food Items: Power bars, drinks and even candy can be sold on the marathon route and all of the proceeds will go to cancer patients.

3. Donation Bins: Many people will not actually run in the marathon. Instead, people will come out to watch the event and show their support. These people are always willing to donate money and donation bins should be used for collection purposes. The easier it is to donate money, the better.

Marathons are the ideal choice and there are dozens that take place every year. The more people that come to the event, the easier it will be to raise money. Let the local community help you promote the fundraiser, take out ads and even use social media to start promoting. You will be surprised how fast people will come together for the event.

If any local cancer survivors are on-board, they can help entice people to donate to the cause. There is no better promotion than having someone that has beat this horrible disease by your side during the promotion stage.

School Dance

If a specific child’s family needs to raise money to pay for cancer treatments, a school dance will be a great choice. These dances allow students to get together and help everyone collect money and remember that one of their fellow students is in need.

Schools are more than willing to donate their facilities for such an event and there is never an issue with the administrators helping to put the dance together.

In fact, many local talents are likely to donate their time to make the event even more special. This means that a local DJ or dancer may come out to help for free. The goal is to spend as little money as possible so that all of the proceeds can go to the local cancer patient in need.

Community Talent Show

A local talent show is a great way to get everyone involved. The idea is that everyone will pay an entry fee, refreshments will be sold and a slew of other money-making ways will be put into action. During a talent show, the winner will receive a prize and if they have a local sponsor, they may pledge to donate a specific amount of money for the talent they are sponsoring.

• A pledge will include a tiered approach.
• Money will be given upon entry.
• Money will be increased depending on how far the talent went with the show.

Collection Jars

Collection jars are able to be placed in most local stores. This is an easy way to collect money and it will not take any extra time to achieve. Simply go to local stores and ask the managers or owners if it will be okay to place a collection jar where customers can place money.

Jars should have a picture of the cancer patient in need as well as their story. These jars will then be collected every few days and can contain hundreds of dollars.

Police Fundraiser

Local policemen have a fantastic reach and can pull together local communities and counties with ease. If the policemen are able to hold a ball or training session, they can easily raise donations and do so much faster than the average person.

The idea is to ask the local police chief for their assistance. There are always great ideas forged from just asking the right person for their help.

Cancer is a devastating disease, but there are always people that are willing to help for a good cause. The right fundraiser can bring in thousands to tens of thousands of dollars for cancer patients.

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