49 Clever Color Run Team Names

The color run was originally founded in 2012 to promote the health and happiness of runners everywhere. Currently in more than 30 countries, the average color run is 5k. You start off with wearing all white in the beginning and end plastered in color. If you are starting your own team, the following list of color run team names can help inspire the creation of your name.

50 Shades of Awesome
A Hue of Good Men
A Running Canvas
Blank Canvas
Chafe the Dream
Color Envy
Color Fusion
Color Me Krazy
Color Us Fabulous
Color Us Motivated
Color Vixens
Cray Cray Crayola
Crazy Tints
Do or Dye
Dye Dye Birdie
Dye Hard
Dye Me a River
Dye Running
Dyed Divas
Free Runners
Get Fit or Dye Tryin’
Glow Girls
Hue Are You
Messy Madams
Overly Saturated
Paint the Clouds
Palette Pushers
Pearly Brights
Pigmentation Party
Powder to the People
Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Dashers
Rainbow Rockets
Rave You to the Finish
Run or Dye Trying
Shady Ladies
Shred the Rainbow
Sour Patch Kids
Stay Between the Lines
Taste the Rainbow
Team Skittles
The Picasso
These Colors Don’t Run. Oh wait…
Too Legit to Dye
Twisted Colors

Using the right tennis shows will help you gain traction and stability in your environment. It is best to know what motion your ankles tend to roll towards and the style arch you have to gain the best support. The below infographic takes a look at how to choose the best tennis shoes for you.

Choosing the Best Tennis Shoes