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32 Catchy Fashion Company Names

The fashion industry has been influenced by changing technology trends for marketing their strategies around raising brand awareness through social media networks. Consumer trends are geared towards mobile devices and the ability to purchase and communicate on a moment’s notice. This provides current fashion companies with the ability to network and engage potential purchasers. Fashion companies can also look to emerging markets to attract new consumers focused on national and cultural heritage based fashions. The following compilation of fashion company names are from national retailers and brands across the United States that focus on trends and visual appeal.

Anabella Fashion
Billiejo Clothing Co.
Billy the Tree Fashion Jewelry & Watches
Blackbird Trading Co.
Cade & Co.
Certified Dress Code
Daily Disguise
Discovery Clothing Company
Dots Fashuons
Eden Fashion & Jewelry Co.
FairTrade Fashion Designs
Fantasy World Jewelry
Fashion Corner Warehouse
Fashions & Flowers Inc.
Freedom Company
Haynie & Co.
Hollister Co.
Lance Gordon Designs
Mabel Montalva
Machiavellian Fashion Company
McGrew Studios
Modbod Clothing Co.
Mr. Mills Fashion Shoes
Pantograms Manufacturing Co.
Rural Handicrafts Company
Safari Sun
Sizzle Factor
Sobol Fashion Productions
Stylissima Fashion Consulting
The Clothing Company
Zach Trading Fashion Jewelry
Zeta and Company

The following infographic takes a look at he statistics and trends of women purchasing fashion trends. Majority of women tend to look at the quality of the product and wearability before consider the price or material. Over 80% of women identify with their style changing since they were 30.

Fashion and Consumer Trends

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