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101 Creative Employee Recognition Award Names

Here are the 101 most creative employee recognition award names of all-time. I have broken these incredible award names into categories, from creative to catchy to unique.

Creative Employee Recognition Award Names
Above and Beyond
Ace of Initiative
All You’ve Done
Calmer of Storms
Chairman’s Award
Circle of Excellence
Circle of Joy Award
Client Comforter
Consider it Done Award
Cruising and Crushing it
Customer Whisperer
First Class Service
For Always Reaching Out
For Dedicated Service To Our Customers
For Keeping Customers Satisfied
Hero Award
High Five Award
Highest of High Fives
Leadership Award
Spotlight Award
Standing Ovation
Unparalleled Dedication. Unmatched Performance.
We Truly Appreciate
WOW Award
Your Hard Work Has Been Rewarded!
Your Performance Inspires Us All
Your Success is Well-Deserved
Your Value To Our Customers is Immeasurable.

Catchy Employee Recognition Award Names
Absolute Attendance
Aces all Day
All Day Everyday
Amazing Dedication
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Quarter
Employee of the Year
Extraordinary Service
Honor Club
Leaderboard Award
Perfect Presence
Service and Dedication
Star Service
Superb Showing
Thanks for ____ Great Years
Unmmatched Performance for ___ Years.

Cool Employee Recognition Award Names
Bright Beginning
Constant Caution
Expert Accuracy
Fast Starter
Good Addition Award
Prospect Award
Rockstar Rookie
Safe Driving
Safety Achievement
Safety Goal Setter
Safety Recognition
Safety Star Award
Silver Shield Award
Superbly Safe
Welcome Aboard.
Welcome to our team.
Welcome to our World.

Clever Employee Recognition Award Names
Big Kahuna Award
Chief Closer
Cloud 9 Collaborator
Diamond Club
For a lifetime for service ___ years and still going strong.
For Going “Above & Beyond”
Gold/Silver/Platinum/Bronze Sales Achievement
Hall of Fame
Outstanding Salesmanship
Pinnacle Award
Platinum Service Award
President’s Circle
Sales Achievement Award
Sales Leader Award
Top Performer
V12 Award
We Thank You. Our Customers Thank You.

Unique Employee Recognition Award Names
3 Cheers
A Round of Applause
All for One, One for all
Associate Appreciation
Constant Contributor
Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Efforts
Galactic Gratitude
In Recognition of Your Efforts
Key Contributor
Kudos Korner
Making a Difference
Positive Participator
Ripple Effect Award
Sidekick Salute
Thankfulness for your Service
World Changer
You’re a Gem
You’ve Made The Difference
Your Dedication Has Not Gone Unnoticed
Your Effort Inspires Us All

The below infographic outlines the benefits and importance of enacting employee recognition programs to create incentives and engage employees. Offering employee recognition programs can inadvertently increase employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

Benefits of Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Award Names

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