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46 Im Sorry Quotes for Boyfriends

Many relationships have their ups and downs causing apologizes to be given to make amends. The best I’m sorry quotes for boyfriends are listed below to help you create the right words to mend your relationship. Many couples inadvertently break up due to the excessive amount of time spent fighting or due to the presence of someone else.

All our selfies together are my only solace right now. For your forgiveness, I am pleading and how. I am sorry I was so berating, but I never meant to hurt your feelings.

Baby, you complete me. You make my life so amazing and I don’t know how else to repay you but to love you just as much as you love me. The world is a better place to be because of you

Before I even ask for forgiveness, I want you to hug me and place your hand on my heart so that you can feel it beating for you. You will hear the words ‘I Am Sorry’ with every beat.

Before saying sorry to you, I should actually apologize to myself. By hurting you, I have hurt myself and by causing you pain, I have caused pain to myself. Sorry.

Breaking up with you is something that I never imagined even in my wildest dreams. But you are adamant on splitting up, it seems. I don’t expect you to take me back but I beg you to give this mess some time. Let me win your heart again to show you that I am yours and you are mine. I am sorry.

Ever since we started dating you have done everything I asked you to. As one last favor, please forgive me so that I can start doing everything that you want me to. I am sorry.

Forgiveness is a part and parcel of being in a relationship as sexy as ours. Please accept my apology and put an end to these painful hours. I am sorry.

Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. But I did, and I’m so sorry. Tell me how I can make it up to you.

I am repenting for my mistakes, and crying out in pain. But if you don’t forgive me, everything will be in vain. I am sorry.

I am shouting out my apology in front of all my friends and family by posting SORRY all over my Facebook and Twitter timelines. Now you know how sorry I really am.

I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.

I am sorry for acting crazy the other day. I blame my hormonal changes and mood swings for irritating you in every possible way.

I am sorry that I bombarded you with my angry outburst. From now on I promise to think about our relationship first. I am sorry.

I am sorry, and I am waiting to rest my head on your strong shoulders again. I am sorry, and I am waiting to be hugged by your caring arms again. I am sorry, and I am waiting to be kissed by your tender lips again. I am sorry, and I am waiting to be loved by your beautiful soul again. I am sorry.

I apologize and promise that I won’t be extremely possessiveness from now on. But this doesn’t mean that if another girl tries to flirt with you, she won’t get pawned. I am sorry.

I don’t expect thing to become normal straight away. But until that happens, I will keep trying every single day. I am sorry.

I feel bad, for making you sad. I feel guilty, for making you feel iffy. I am sorry baby, please forgive me.

I get really annoyed when pretty girls try to flirt with you. Since I am your girlfriend I can’t help but to feel blue. But

I promise that next time I won’t lose my cool, when girls see you and drool. I am sorry.

I have a hot temper but it isn’t hotter than you. Please forgive me.

I have cried, till my tears have tried. I have sobbed, till my head has throbbed. I have wailed, until my voice has failed.

I have been heartbroken, since we haven’t spoken. I have been saying sorry, hoping you accept my apology.

I hurt you with my actions. And you are hurting me back by not forgiving me. So doesn’t that mean we are even by now? I am so sorry.

I know I have not been the girlfriend that you deserve but I promise you that regardless of our fights, I will keep loving you with all my might, day and night. I am sorry.

I know I hurt your ego when I spoke in rudely and showered you with insults. But I will do everything to make this mess less difficult. I plead you to just sit down with me and listen to my apology. I am sure that once you see how remorseful I am, you will hug me tightly. I am sorry.

I know you want a breakup, I know you are tired of me. But I will not relent until, my true love you finally see. I know you want to be apart, I know you are sick of the fights. But my hugs and kisses won’t stop, I will keep loving you with all my might. I am sorry.

I know you will never cheat on me, but possessiveness got the better of me. I am sorry.

I love you so very much, Even though at times I do things that hurt, I try so hard to hope that you always see, How much you being in my life means to me.

I never intended to hurt you but it seems like destiny intended to make you feel that I did. Please forgive me for causing you pain and all my actions that we insipid. Sorry.

I never meant to be indifferent, I never meant to be aloof. I’m sorry you feel that we are drifting apart, my love for you is the biggest proof.

I remember, you once said that you would do anything for me. All I am asking today from you is to accept my apology. I made a mistake but I promise I didn’t mean to, there is no one else I love but you. I am sorry.

I was scared to love you at first, out of fear that you would hurt me, but I did and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Now, the only fear I have is waking up and realizing it’s all a dream.

I was slightly drunk when I said all those nasty words. I am sorry, but my judgment was totally blurred. I hope you can forgive my nonsensical outburst, I never meant to show you my worst. I am sorry.

I’ve done wrong, I’ve said things that I shouldn’t I was blinded by anger and hurt you. I’m deeply sorry. Talk to me and let’s settle this thing out. I miss you!

If I could turn back the time, I wouldn’t have said and done those things. I love you so much and I miss you. Please forgive me, I’m sorry!

If you can’t see the tears in my eyes, I plead you to feel the pain in my heart. I inadvertently made a few mistakes along the way, but love is all I have had for you from the very start. I am sorry.

Ironic it is, that your love so kind was blemished by my selfish mind. Ironic it is, that your love so selfless had to face all this mess. Ironic it is, that my apology, regret and heartbreak – is now coming across as fake.

My apology to you is like a selfie – brutally honest and straight in your face. I am sorry baby.

My fickle mind made the mistake of lying to you but my heart and soul are forever committed to loving you. I am sorry.

My lies have been the dark clouds but your forgiveness will be the silver lining. I am sorry.

My life was complete But now it’s not I lost it all, because I fought. She made me alive.

No matter what, you will always be my number one. Can you please forgive me for me for what I have done? I am sorry.

One of the biggest mistakes I made is to hurt you, But I want you to know that that’s the last thing I wanna do. Because I love you so and now I’m missing you. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Saying that I will never fight with you again would be a false promise. But I assure you that I will never make you sad by being so remiss. Please forgive me and accept my apology, I love you more than anything else baby. I am sorry.

Since you are such a handsome, hot and sexy gentleman, forgiving me is something you surely can. I am sorry.

Take me back in your arms, hold me close tightly. Feel my heavy breath, as I tender my apology. Hold my hands, nervous and sweaty. Look into my eyes as I say sorry. Give me a hug, give me a kiss. Let’s again embrace, our love’s bliss.

There are things that out of my control, And I think what happened last time is one of them I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.

You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Each moment that you and I spend together is so magical that I catch myself smiling for no reason at all.

The following infographic provides some insight as to the most common reasons why couples break up. Many couples don’t last due to low sex drive, a lack of chemistry, or the presence of kids. When it comes to physical barriers, individuals did not like their partner’s weight, height, or amount of hair on their body. Many individuals had bad habits such as gambling, drinking, or drugs.

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