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125 Good Chocolate Candy Company Names

The demand for chocolate is on the rise globally. With the United States owning 86% of the global $18 billion dollar market, an annual growth rate of 3 to 4 percent is expected. The top producers of chocolate are Kraft Foods, Inc with $20 million in net sales, followed by Mars, USA and Nestle Switzerland. The below collection of local chocolate candy companies from around the nation are intended to encourage small business growth within the chocolate industry.

A Chocolate Dream
After Eight
Air Delight
Amul Chocolate
An Occasional Chocolate
Au Chocolat
Baker Chocolate Box
Bar One
Blue Frog Chocolates
Bold Drop
Bridge Brands Chocolate
Butter Stick
Candy Kitchen
Cherry Ripe
Choco Boulevard
Choco Crafter
Choco Cross
Choco Decker
Choco Pillers
Choco Relics
Choco Treat
Choc-Oh! Lot Plus
Chocolat Du Monde
Chocolate Box
Chocolate by Design Inc.
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate Cow
Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Pizazz
Chocolate Springs Cafe
Chocolatier Inc.
Chocon Affaire
Choo-Choo’s Chocolate
Coffee Crisp
Cowgirl Chocolates
Creative Chocolates
Crispy Crunch
Crown Candy Kitchen
Crunch Creation
DeBrand Fine Chocolates
Double Decker
Duo BarDoodle
Epic Wonder Fine Chocolates
Flip Flop
For the Love of Chocolate
Forever Yours
French Broad Chocolate Lounge
Galaxy Ripple
Golden Rough
Harbor Candy Shop
Hard Candies
Heath Bar
Images in Chocolate
Ivory Mountain
Kegg’s Candies
Lion Peanut
Lunch Bar
Malted Milk
Marble Chocolate
Milo Bar
Mr. Big
Nickel Lunch
Oh! Chocolate
Old Faithful
Olde Naples Chocolate
Panned Confections
Parkside Candy
Peanut Slab
Perky Nana
Personalized Chocolate
Picture Perfect Chocolate
Prince Polo
Reese’s Sticks
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Rocky Road
Sasha Chocolate Goldleaf
Sharp’s Candies
Silk Something
Silvo Bell Chocolate
Sky Bar
Smooth Sailin’
Sugar Rush
Supreme Surf
Sweet Candy Company
Sweet Decadence
Sweet Designs Chocolates
Sweet Marie
Sweets From Heaven
The Choco Junction
The Chocolate Bar
The Chocolate Fetish
The Chocolate Room
The Dark side
The Royal Chocolate
The South Bend Chocolate Co.
The Truffle Shop
Time Out
Toffee Crisp
Walnut Crush
York Bar
Zero Bar

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Recent research of chocolate has found that many antioxidants and minerals present in it can contribute to lowering the risk of heart attacks and cancer. The below infographic outlines more interest facts and statistics of chocolate.

Interesting Facts About Chocolate

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