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101 Excellent Tile Company Names

The tile industry is worth over $4 billion a year. However, this industry has always seen a drastic 4% decrease in revenue. The overall textile industry was drastically impacted by the decline in residential and non-residential construction from the economic downturn. As the construction industry increases, revenue will be regained. However they are not expected to reach that level for another 5 years. Outside competition will continue the threaten the textile industry as well. The following collection of United States tile companies are currently located around the United States.

A&D Tile Co.
All Natural Stone
All Tile, Inc.
Alpha Time & Stone
American Marazzi Tile Inc.
Art Tile Co Inc.
Aspire Tiles
B & W Tile Co.
Best Tile Inc.
Betterly Tiles
Black Ace
Blyss Berry
Casa Irene Mosaic
Century Tile
Cherokee Brick
Chill Stone Tiles
Complete Tile
Costabay Mosaic
Creative Tile Co Inc.
Crossera Mosaic
Design Materials Inc.
Designer Flooring & Interiors
Edssen Tiles
Elite Earth
Fussiona Tiles
Grand View Tiles
Grout No Doubt
Guys Floor Service
Hashtag Mosaic
Home Surfaces
Horizon Italian Tile
Hutcherson Tile Co
Icon Stone & Tile Inc.
Import Tile Co.
Impressive Tile
Joy Fab Tiles
Landers Premier Flooring
Latch Tile Inc.
Level Star
Lorenzo Tiles
Love Square Tiles
Marrina Mosaic
Mercury Mosaics
Merlin Mosaic
Mesa Sales Inc.
Mexican Tile & Stone Company
Miles of Tile
Mission Stone and Tile
Monterrey Tile Co.
Nemo Tile
New Metro Tile Co.
North Bay Tiles
North Mist
Obliq Tiles
Oldcastle Surfaces Inc.
Olympia Tile International Inc.
Pavé Tile & Stone
Peel Tile
Peerless Rugs
Project Tile
Pure Play
Purple Wind
Quarry Tile Co.
Rare Square
Red Flag Tiles
Reposso Tiles
Revolton Mosaic
Rio Marble & Tile Inc.
Rivalda Ceramic Tiles Inc.
Rubble Tile Distributors Inc.
Seattle Time Co Inc.
Specialty Tile Products Inc.
Square Pride
Stone Age
Stone Tile
Super Ocean
Super Tile
Tanner Materials s CO.
Tap N Tile Inc.
The Steam Team
Three Great
Tile Collection
Tile Factory Outlet Inc.
Tile Solutions
Tile Wizard
Travis Tile Sales Inc.
Trimity Tiles
United Tile Company Inc
Urban Aero
USA Tile & Marble
Valley Time and Stone
Villey Tiles
Viowin Tiles
Wave Vibe Tiles
White Fab Tiles
White Flux

Tile provides a homeowner with a lot of options. It is also an opportunity to show off your personality and style. The infographic below outlines a comparison of tile characteristics and the associated personality traits that impact their response.

Tile Design and Personality

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