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45 Best Polar Plunge Slogans and Quotes

Taking on the ultimate challenge of guts can require participating in the polar plunge where you jump into ice cold water. These great polar plunge slogans and quotes are just a few examples to the types of themes and names given to this freezing event.

Angel Fire
Bear Bottoms
Best in Snow
Big Test Icicles
Billet Blues
Blue Bloods
Chattering Crazies
Chill Out
Dare to Bear
Eskimo Kisses
Freezin’ For a Reason
Freezin’ Season
Frosty Balls
Frosty Flakes
Goose Bumps
Hungry Hungry Hypos
I’m Too Cube
Ice Fairies
Ice Holes
Ice Ice Babies
Ice Ice Baby
Ice Jumpers
Ice Men
Ice Queens
Ice Road Truckers
Ice, Ice, Baby
Icerink Rascals
License To Chill
Penguin Feet
Polar Express
Polar Power
Seaside Heights
Shock and Thaw
Taking the Plunge
The Age of Shivery
The Blue Man Group
The Frozen Popsicles
The Ice Aged
The Polar Express
Timber’s Army
Up to Snow Good

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