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101 Catchy Elevator Company Names

The elevator and escalator market is estimated to grow 5.6% in the next year to over $111 billion from the current $84.4 billion dollar industry it is now. Developing markets such as Asia/Pacific, Africa/Mideast, and Central/South America are expected to grow the quickest with demand for equipment and services. Some of the largest companies in the business are Otis Elevator, Schindler, and KONE. The below listing of elevator company names are from small and large businesses that focus on installation, maintenance, and manufacturing elevators.

Admiral Elevator Corporation
ACE Elevator Company
Acorn Stairlifts
Advance Elevator Company
All American Elevator Co. Inc.
American Elevator Corporation
Amtech Elevator Company
Apex Elevator Co Ltd.
Armor Elevator
Asea Graham
Axel Lifts
Bagby Elevator Company
Blue Moose Elevators
Canton Elevator
Central Elevator Co.
Centric Elevator Corporation
Cibes Lift
City Elevator Co.
Coastal Elevator Service Corporation
Colusa Elevator Co.
Core Elevator Co.
Delta Elevator
Domus Lift
Dover Corporations
Dwan Elevator Company
Dynamic Elevator Corporation
Elevator One
Elevator Sembler Co.
Elex Lifts
Empire Elevator Co.
ETS Elevator Inspection
Evans Lifts
Farm City Elevator
Farmers Elevator Co.
Fuse Elevator Corporation
GAL Manufacturing
Garaventa Lift
Grain Elevators
Gruppo Millepiani
Hammond & Champness
Hutton Elevator Corporation
Infinity Elevator Co. Inc.
Inter Up
Island Elevator Co.
Johnson Lifts
Lifting Italia
Major Elevator Corporation
Marshall Elevator
MEI Total Elevator Solutions
Metropolitan Elevator Services
Mid American Elevator
Mobility Elevator & Lift
Montgomery Elevator
Northern Elevator Co.
Nova Lifts
Olympic Elevator Co.
Oracle Elevator Co.
Orona Group
Otis Elevator Co.
Pac West Elevator
Prestige Elevator
Pride & Service Elevator Co.
PV Elevators
Richmond Elevator Co. Inc.
Schindler Elevator Corporation
Sele Elevators
Shaw Elevator
Shipman Elevator Co.
Sicher Elevator
Sigma Elevator
Silver Cross Elevators
Southwest Elevator Co.
Stannah Lifts
Stenson Pacific Elevator Co.
Sterling Elevator Co.
Sunrise Elevator Co Inc.
The Elevator Company
United Elevator Corporation
United States Elevator
US Elevator Corporation
White Hat Elevator & Lift Co.
Zia Elevator Co.

The following infographic outlines the facts and trends of elevators around the world. The first elevator was designed in 1743 for King Louis XV of France and operated by several men inside of a chimney. The worlds fastest elevator is located in the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan and can travel to the top 101st floor in 39 seconds.

Facts About Elevators

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